When large groups and startups go hand in hand to do good business

The David with Goliath award, awarded this Thursday, November 24th, distinguishes large companies and start-ups that managed to organize a win-win partnership. Relationships between large groups and start-ups are changing. The former’s motivations for joining the latter are no longer the same as in 2015. This is what Bain & Company and the Raise Sherpas … Read more

What should startups learn from the current Big Tech slump?

Startups can learn from the financial problems of big tech companies like Twitter (Photo: Souvik Banerjee) GUEST BLOG. After a total euphoria in the field of technology, we are now witnessing the rapid downfall of most large technology companies. Think of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, which is already talking about the possibility of bankruptcy, … Read more