But what’s so special about Tesla’s new Cybertruck windshield?

During its presentation in November 2019, Tesla’s Cybertruck impressed, in particular for its very simplistic lines. However, the presentation did not go as planned, and the windowswindows unbreakable armor” armored glass “could not withstand the shock of a bullet in metalmetalcausing a moment of embarrassment… However, Tesla continues to work on this point and has … Read more

Which electric car to choose?

Based on this observation, we can therefore concretely ask ourselves which electric car model to choose. In fact, between newer brands (like Tesla) and more traditional ones, as well as the different criteria of a thermal car, it can be difficult to navigate. Finally, the good news is that the second-hand market is starting to … Read more

A fill at €75? It is possible, but with a hydrogen car

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“data helps to optimize the efficiency of electric cars”

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Armadillo-T, the folding electric car To reduce the problem of parking in big cities, Korean engineers have devised a new folding car inspired by the armadillo: the Armadillo-T. Besides, it doesn’t pollute… because it’s 100% electric. © Kaist The electric car market is booming. The last Global Perspective … Read more