Which digital solutions to optimize returns?

The issue of returns management, if not a new problem, is at least one of innovation, at the heart of changes in consumption and therefore of digital solutions developed by supply chain publishers. 🇧🇷 We want to support our customers by providing them with services, and returns are a perfect example of this leitmotif. “says … Read more

At Courir, omnichannel for optimized returns

French brand specializing in the sale of sneakers, Courir invoiced 515 million euros in 2021 and sold no less than six million shoes in France in this period. Volumes that necessarily go through return flows, either internally, in its network of 312 stores in Europe, or in its e-commerce activity, which already represents 18% of … Read more

VitaVerDura SA: growth against common sense

11.17.2022 – 1:45 pm VitaVerDura SA Roll (others) The GeneralMedia Group pursues its diversification strategy In 2022, VitaVerDura, the largest online marketplace for 100% French-speaking local products, nearly doubled its revenue by operating against the grain. Rolle’s SME (VD) is in fact the only one in the sector to work on a just-in-time basis and … Read more

Courir automates to speed up your developments in Montierchaume

In spring 2022, the French brand Courir opened its new logistics platform in Montierchaume (36). A highly mechanized hub, working for your stores and e-commerce flows, which will serve as a lever for your European and digital developments. In 2020, one in two shoes sold in France was a “sneaker”. A large segment in a … Read more

Warehouse market is on fire, driven by pandemic and e-commerce

AFP, Published on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 1:40 PM. The rise of e-commerce and the logistical nightmare of the coronavirus pandemic have boosted demand for warehouses in the United States, a trend that has not escaped the attention of investment funds that are big bets in this market. “It’s a maddening battle to find … Read more

Traveling by electric car is possible, but it is better to be well prepared

Going on holiday in an electric car is possible: a journey of 900 kilometers between France and Belgium shows that charging stations are there, but that it is imperative to prepare your trip to avoid running out of fuel, as the network remains embryonic in relation to to traditional service stations. The trip taken by … Read more

Adopt entrusts the logistics of its e-commerce to C-Logistics

What is Adopt’s core business? David Gaudicheau : Our history dates back to 1986, with the creation of the Réserve naturelle brand, which mainly sold fashion accessories. In 2015, we wanted to reinvent ourselves by becoming a true perfume brand under the name Adopt, developing first in our local market in France and then internationally. … Read more