Swissmem press release: Security – a key topic for Switzerland and its …

23.06.2022 – 17:10 Swissmen Zurich (ots) The 15th Swissmem Industry Day took place today at THE HALL in Dübendorf under the title “In the firing line – safety and resilience for industry and society”. More than 800 participants from business, politics, administration and research participated. Renowned personalities such as Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer, former NATO … Read more on the automobile: despite a booming market, electric cars …

21.06.2022 – 07:50 AG Lausanne (ots) The electric market experienced a sharp expansion in 2021 and early 2022. However, in the context of the ecological debate, the electric car still struggles to convince on a large scale. Swiss Germans are the most reluctant. Almost 3/4 of them do not plan to buy an electric … Read more

Against food waste: Manor extends its partnership with Too Good To Go and…

06.17.2022 – 11:00 am AG mansion Basel (ots) After having sealed a partnership with Too Good To Go in April 2021 for around twenty Manor Food supermarkets in Switzerland, Manor and the anti-waste company are strengthening their partnership by extending it to all 25 Manora restaurants, 2 restaurants Manora Pizza&Pasta and 9 Manora Fresh Take-aways … Read more

Five tons of waste collected in one morning off the coast of the port basin

The press release: On this Monday of Pentecost, it was on the coast of the Porto pier that the employees of the Professional Pole of the Ravate group were appointed to clean up the area. In fact, this solidarity initiative was organized with the association PropRéunion, which works for the protection of the Réunion environment, … Read more

Company sued against a crane operator for the death of a longshoreman

Tahiti, June 7, 2022 – The involuntary manslaughter trial of a crane operator, as well as company directors Sat Nui and JA Cowan, prosecuted following the death of a 33-year-old longshoreman on July 3, 2012 in port of Papeete, is open on Tuesday. While the victim was crushed by a container during a nighttime maneuver, … Read more

The electric car market is experiencing very encouraging global growth

Produced thanks to an international network of law firms and Avere, the 2022 Energy Transitions Observatory confirms that electric mobility is becoming massively established around the world. The law firm De Gaulle Flagrance et Associés, in partnership with Avere France, presented this Thursday, June 2, 2022, its observations on the state of the transition to … Read more

To fight against the illegal trade in puppies, FOUR PAWS presents the new…

05.24.2022 – 08:01 VIER PFOTEN – Stiftung für Tierschutz A document 20220524_PM_Veripet_EN.pdfPDF – 576 kB FOUR PAWS presents the new “VeriPet” control system in collaboration with and Amicus to combat the illegal trade in puppies Zurich, 24 May 2022 – Thanks to the joint initiative of the world animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS and … Read more

May 12, 2022 press release – Martin Gautschi succeeds Albert Rösti as…

05.12.2022 – 15:17 swiss oil A document Swissoil press release ~ 12 May 2022 .pdfPDF – 135 kB Martin Gautschi succeeds Albert Rösti as chairman of Swissoil Switzerland National councilor Albert Rösti has announced his resignation as president of the Swissoil fuel traders association after seven years in office. To succeed him, Swissoil’s central committee … Read more

A strong result, many services and innovative offers

04.28.2022 – 10:05 am Krankenversicherung toilets Zurich (ots) The positive result of 90.2 million francs comes from basic insurance (15.7 million francs) and supplementary private insurance (74.7 million francs). Consolidated net worth increased from 960.7 million to 1,049.4 million francs. For the first time, premium income exceeded 3 billion francs (+41.6 million francs); benefits paid … Read more

How the moratorium on e-commerce warehouses was destroyed

When she took office, Barbara Pompili had considered a moratorium on the establishment of warehouses dedicated to e-commerce. There’s not much left in the climate law, replaced by weak voluntary commitments. Take immediate enforcement action to prevent the development of space-intensive peri-urban commercial areas. This was one of the 149 proposals of the Citizen’s Climate … Read more