the great resourcefulness of companies in the face of the lack of personnel

Last week, an apparently banal phone call reached the central office of this supermarket on the Côte d’Azur. A customer explained that he wanted to place an order for fish and asked to contact the department manager. “My fishmonger came to see me shortly afterwards, explaining that he had been the target of an attempt … Read more

These young people who turn their backs on big companies in the name of their values

They train the young elites, the ones whose careers all seem mapped out. However, some highly educated young people choose to “drop” everything, forgo a big salary, for a job that makes sense. This is vividly shown by a video that went viral on Wednesday, May 11, in which a group of students from the … Read more

Religious discrimination in the workplace: evolution of jurisprudence

Was the dismissal of an employee who turned down a job on religious grounds unfair? To this question concerning the complex and even thorny issue of the expression of beliefs in a company, which concerns the fundamental rights and freedoms of the worker, the Court of Cassation responded in the negative a few weeks ago, … Read more

Debrunner Koenig recognized for digital transformation

06.05.2022 – 09:00 Debrunner Koenig Group Sao Galo (ots) Data expert Statista and business magazines “Finanz und Wirtschaft” and “Bilan” analyzed 1,700 Swiss companies and identified the top 175 digital performers. The Debrunner Koenig Group excelled in terms of digital transformation, taking 3rd place in the Commerce category and 23rd overall. In the ranking by … Read more

OiRA, also available to companies working in ornamental crops

Legislation | Posted on 04/29/2022 at 10:24 Regardless of the size of the company, according to the Welfare Code at Work (Law of August 4, 1996), the employer has the obligation to ensure the safety and protect the health of its workers. THEn “workers” means any person under contract (whether paid or not), as an … Read more

in Irpin, despite the war, companies are in a hurry to restart

Romain Kondratiuk, 27, opens the double doors of his business. Inside, everything is blackened by the flames, part of the roof has collapsed, the windows have disappeared. “We have to start from scratch”he sums it up in a calm tone. With his business partner and ten years his senior, Denis Kchibliak, he co-founded Woodanhearts, a … Read more

+7% of declarations registered since the beginning of the year compared to 2021

Theft and break-ins now pose the second most important risk to professionals, behind water damage. Inflation and rising commodity prices make these flights attractive. The police and national gendarmerie have registered 7% more declarations since the beginning of the year compared to a year ago. Among company robberies, robberies on construction sites, among farmers and … Read more

the bargains of Russian companies in Germany

Russian subsidiaries of giants Gazprom and Rosneft are key players in the country’s energy infrastructure. In the grip of dependence on Russian gas, Germany discovered another Achilles heel: the weight of Russian capital in its oil refineries, pipelines and other gas reservoirs. Subsidiaries of giants Gazprom and Rosneft are key players in the country’s energy … Read more

Cécile Bontonnou, an infallible entrepreneur

Women are still not equal to men in the labor market. Only 14% of French business leaders are women leaders. The editorial team dedicates a series of portraits to these women entrepreneurs or business creators. Today, Cécile Bontonnou, cleaning manager at Océane. Discreet, Cécile Bontonnou is no less active. At 45 years old, this businesswoman … Read more

the platform that facilitates the request for quotes

There is no shortage of online moving platforms and they are all based on the same approach: finding the best deal possible. Recent in this market, the Mon Meilleur Déménageur is distinguished by its intuitiveness and the significant time savings it offers its customers. Change or the quote war Whether you’re an individual or a … Read more