the dream of solar charging

Some start-ups but also automotive giants are starting to install solar panels on their new electric cars, promising a little extra range, but not yet eye-rolling. Under the scorching sun of northern Spain, the “0”, the first production model from start-up Lightyear, gathers enough solar energy to drive more than 70 kilometers for free every … Read more on the automobile: despite a booming market, electric cars …

21.06.2022 – 07:50 AG Lausanne (ots) The electric market experienced a sharp expansion in 2021 and early 2022. However, in the context of the ecological debate, the electric car still struggles to convince on a large scale. Swiss Germans are the most reluctant. Almost 3/4 of them do not plan to buy an electric … Read more

Traveling by electric car is possible, but it is better to be well prepared

Going on holiday in an electric car is possible: a journey of 900 kilometers between France and Belgium shows that charging stations are there, but that it is imperative to prepare your trip to avoid running out of fuel, as the network remains embryonic in relation to to traditional service stations. The trip taken by … Read more

France wants to recover

RESEARCH – Manufacturers, operators, installers: all electromobility players are working hard to build a public network capable of responding to the increase in the electric fleet. The government had promised 100,000 charging stations at the end of last year. It is clear that the commitment was not fulfilled. As of April 30, 2022, France has … Read more

From Turkey to China, the electric car race continues

Electrifying the car fleet is a global goal. The means to achieve this are plural. This is the result of work carried out by an observatory formed by Avere-France (National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility) and the law firm De Gaulle Fleurance and Associates, which is published this Thursday, June 2nd. → ANALYSIS. … Read more

In Israel, artificial intelligence to end traffic jams

Monstrous traffic jams are daily life for Israelis, whose country is touted as one of the worst in this area, but artificial intelligence and its algorithms can help combat the phenomenon, according to an Israeli high-tech company. This sector is increasingly interested in the automotive industry and a fair on smart mobility called “EcoMotion”, which … Read more

Used car market hit by electric shock

In a context where prices are on the rise and where supply no longer meets demand, we should be especially careful and analyze prices carefully, suggests AutoHebdo’s senior marketing director. (Photo: The Canadian Press) Faced with the difficulty of getting a new electric vehicle in a reasonable time, a staggering number of consumers are turning … Read more

In a London garage, cars trade horses for watts

Nestled in a vaulted workshop under a London Underground line, the cars await their transformation: swapping cylinders, spark plugs and pistons for an electric motor, synonymous with new, greener life. “We don’t create the CO2 emissions that come with a new car” – “17 tonnes” on average – “and we don’t rule out a valid … Read more

Are you renting or buying an electric vehicle?

“I am in the process of switching vehicles and will definitely go electric. Considering battery technology seems to be changing rapidly, is it better to rent or buy? I wouldn’t want a car that expired prematurely! – Francine Lalande ANSWER Hello. This is an excellent question, almost existential in the world of electrification. Rent or … Read more