Is it risky to charge the battery to 100%?

It’s a question every electric car owner asks themselves: does charging to 100% reduce battery life? For this question, it is impossible to find an “official” answer. A battery is complex and its degradation varies according to many factors. Automobile Propre is trying to see things more clearly. What is a battery? First of all, … Read more

A Swiss start-up strives to reinvent nuclear power

Nuclear energy currently produces about 10% of the electricity consumed in the world. Keystone/Giroscience/Science photo library Transmutex is currently developing a new type of nuclear reactor using thorium instead of uranium. It could produce electricity more safely and without generating the famous highly radioactive waste. An innovation capable of facilitating the energy transition to a … Read more

SpaceX signs agreement with NASA to avoid collisions in space

The increase in the number of satellites in orbit, in particular due to megaconstellations comprising several hundred or even thousands of satellites, is a matter of concern for space agencies. So, of course, these giant constellations are making significant efforts to integrate as well as possible with space traffic and avoid any collision, but zero … Read more

The city of science by electric car

At the Cité des Sciences, this cultural season will be placed under the sign of conviviality and admiration; the opportunity for Universcience to show that all roads lead to science in today’s world. Today, for Tesla Magazine, I’m going to tell you about my experience. Cultural season 2021-2022: what is the program? After months of … Read more