Which used electric car to buy for 10,000 euros?

They are silent, economical to use and have an increasing autonomy: electric cars have become a true alternative to thermal cars (gasoline and diesel). But despite state aid, its purchase price remains high in the new home market. For example, a Peugeot e-208 costs more than 24,000 euros in its basic version, after deducting the … Read more

Outsourcing, a valuable asset for 360° administrative management

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] The Afigec accounting group offers outsourcing services in administrative, financial and HR functions. The company also offers advice to managers of VSEs and SMEs. Today, it has around 270 employees and 25 accountants. This support is essential as every HR decision has an economic impact on a company’s bottom line. Florent Burtin and … Read more

In the face of Blue Origin’s “obstructionist tactics”, SpaceX slams its fist on the table

SpaceX seems tired of Blue Origin’s repeated attacks and is starting to change its tone. The tone continues to rise, following Jeff Bezos’ offensive against SpaceX and NASA. After accusing his colleague of having retired on purpose to put a spoke in his wheels, Elon Musk persists and signals; in response to Blue Origin’s initial … Read more