Thomas Pesquet’s departure from the ISS postponed to Monday – Liberation

Take the capsule home Scheduled for Sunday, the departure of the Frenchman and his three acolytes from the International Space Station, ending their second trip to space, will finally take place on Monday “at the very least”, SpaceX announced on Sunday. Frenchman Thomas Pesquet and three other astronauts are due to leave the International Space … Read more

OneWeb deploys 40% of its satellites and is a serious candidate for Starlink

Things are accelerating for OneWeb. The British operator is preparing to open its satellite Internet access service and is counting on the gigantic business market to beat the competition led by the giant Starlink, explains its CEO and the head of its shareholder Eutelsat. European operator Arianespace launched a Soyuz rocket on Thursday, July 1, … Read more

Neobrain facilitates the retraining of employees within your company

News Neobrain prepares. Two years after its €3 million seed, the startup is completing a €20 million fundraiser with Alter Equity, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, XAnge and Breega. She states, in passing, “the most important A series ever produced by a French HRtech” . Paul Courtaud, its founder, explains the craziness that such operation was allowed … Read more

A special electric car license?

Driving an electric car sounds easy, but it differs from a thermal car in several ways. Private car, van, truck, bus, motorcycle, each of these categories corresponds to a type of driving license, with its rules and conditions. The electric car doesn’t seem to require any special skills as it is immediately classified in the … Read more

Elon Musk warns Ukraine that Starlink communications system could be targeted by Russia

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] The incredible journey of global internet traffic When we connect to the Internet, our data goes a long way. Thus, an email travels an average of 15,000 km to reach its destination! A few days after activating your Satellite Internet Access service above Ukraine and sent a shipment … Read more