the low-impact, disruptive electric car

Transport is today the activity that contributes the most to greenhouse gas emissions in France. According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, in 2019 it accounted for 31% of emissions, with more than half due to private cars. In 2021, the number of passenger cars circulating in France exceeded the 40 million mark. The car … Read more

Cooperatives, a third path for companies

In 2001, when it was born, it was a legal UFO, halfway between the association and the company, with limited profits and local communities in its capital, alongside employees, customers, suppliers… (gathered in colleges of voices). Twenty years later, the cooperative society of collective interest (Scic), which is part of the cooperative movement, grew and … Read more

an unprecedented level of weakness

In February, the market did not raise its head. With 115,384 records, it lost 13%. Since the beginning of the year, the drop is 15.7%, to 218,283 units. This is the weakest month of February in over twenty years. The Citroën C3 takes priority over the Renault Clio and becomes the second best-selling model in … Read more

Global Grain and Seed Cleaning Equipment Market Share Analysis of Competitive Landscapes, Factors and Forecast Challenges to 2030

the synopsis of Global Grain and Seed Cleaning Equipment Market This tag includes definitions, ratings, industry ratings, and leading technologies. The Grain & Seed Cleaning Equipment report recognizes that in such a competitive and evolving market, the latest promotion statistics are essential to track performance and make important decisions for your brand’s growth and revenue. … Read more

what the new VAT rules change in Europe

Update of an article published on May 20, 2021 Adapt to the digital age. The European Union has revised its approach to value added tax (VAT) to facilitate online sales between European Union countries and strengthen the fight against tax evasion. The rules, updated for the first time in almost 30 years, came into force … Read more