Global Cleaning Cart Top Players Market Growth Analysis 2022 Investment Analysis, Revenue Estimates and Forecasts

Have you ever wished you could predict the future of the global Cleaning Cart market? – and be right? What if you could clearly see critical changes in the coming years and use those insights to shape the future of the cleaning cart market, rather than just letting it run by default? You can accurately … Read more

QRM, a valuable asset to make your business sustainable

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] The business world has become increasingly uncertain, everything is constantly changing and constantly evolving. Faced with this reality, the company Quick Response Enterprise guides companies in their evolution to adapt and become more agile. A transformation focused on the human and based on the QRM methodology. It is intended for sectors with a … Read more

Marseille start-up Telaqua announces €4 million fundraising

Telaqua, a Marseille-based start-up specializing in the management of agricultural and wine-growing irrigation systems, announced on May 11 a €4 million fundraising to accelerate its commercial deployment and continue its R&D work. The round table was led by Demeter Investment Managers, through its VitiRev Innovation fund, supported by the Banque des Territoires, on behalf of … Read more

Kateryna Bondar, the echo of a war from afar

Facing the lens, Kateryna Bondar, 34, stands erect, her head slender, her gaze assertive. If her body is present, her spirit and heart are in Ukraine, her home country now surrounded by Russian soldiers. For this quadrilingual lawyer, who studied in Switzerland and the United States, the events of the last few weeks seem surreal. … Read more

Digitization of capital – A revolution is underway in companies

– A revolution is underway in companies Blockchain will contribute to the growth of companies by directly engaging customers and suppliers. This local participation will give rise to an economy that resembles it. Antonio Gambardella – Director of Fongit Posted today at 11:30 am. In recent years, blockchain-related applications have been treated like Aesop’s fable, … Read more