One hundred personalities that make up French-speaking Switzerland

Politicians and politicians, architects and entrepreneurs, smooth mobility activists, researchers and artistic creators… They are the actors at the heart of change in cities. And because this edition of the Forum des 100 is dedicated to urban change, they make up a big part of the 2021 list of personalities that make up French-speaking Switzerland. … Read more

Relive the online conference “The talents of Swiss cinema”

Rencontres 7e Art Lausanne, an event initiated by actor and director Vincent Perez, takes an interest in Swiss cinema by organizing a roundtable every year of Swiss film professionals who share their writing experiences, filmmaking secrets, filming stories. This year, several talented Swiss directors shed their light on their profession, spontaneously in a friendly and … Read more

A massive wave of SMS attacks is taking place in Switzerland

This is unprecedented, on this scale, in Switzerland. In recent days, millions of text messages containing dangerous links have been received. Written in German, these messages have only one purpose: to infect the recipient’s phone, before remotely controlling it and stealing passwords. Therefore, it is important not to be too curious and click on the … Read more

Covid-19: three disappointments for the Swiss pharmaceutical

A new failure, the third, of the Swiss pharmaceutical in front of treatments against Covid-19. Roche on Wednesday ended the collaboration with its US partner Atea Pharmaceuticals, whose oral antiviral against a form of Covid-19 has failed phase 2 clinical trials. The Basel pharmaceutical giant has joined forces with the Boston-based US laboratory. a year … Read more

Swiss companies stand firm against Omicron

While half of the Swiss population could fall ill with Covid-19 in a few weeks, according to Richard Neher, a member of the Confederation’s “task force”, companies have already noticed more employee absences. But companies say they can continue their activities, especially in critical sectors such as food, transport or telecommunications. ■ Retailers show cautious … Read more

Credit Suisse chairman forced to resign

António Horta-Osório steps down as president of Credit Suisse. The banking group announced its departure on Monday, effective immediately. The news comes several weeks after the discovery of two carefully avoided quarantines by the banking group’s number one. In the midst of the emergence of the Omicron variant, António Horta-Osório, back from the United Kingdom, … Read more