Ariane rockets vs SpaceX: the stab of the German OBH

It’s a discreet lobby, less and less every day. According to our information, the German industrial group OHB was involved in an operation of influence that is, to say the least, surprising. Marco Fuchs, the CEO of the Bremen-based private family group, harasses the European Commission to convince it to launch the next Galileo satellites … Read more

the main differences between NASA and SpaceX heavy launchers

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] SLS, the most powerful launcher in the world Video presentation of the world’s most powerful future launcher, developed by NASA for the Artemis lunar program. Today, NASA and SpaceX each is developing a heavy launcher capable of sending humans to the Moon and on Mars. How Space launch … Read more

Spacetech: Can France have its SpaceX?

INTERVIEW // Christelle Astorg-Lepine, director of Blast, a Starburst accelerator project that brings together Onera, SATT Paris-Saclay and École polytechnique, takes stock of the emergence of national players in aeronautics, space and defense. In autumn 2020, several French innovation players from the public and private sectors joined in a consortium to create Blast, an acceleration … Read more

tourism projects attacking the stars

Billionaire Richard Branson, head of Virgin Galactic, successfully completed a flight into space on Sunday, July 11, while the Amazon founder hopes to follow suit on July 20. But the two men aren’t the only ones who want to make space their new playground. A brief overview of the various space tourism projects that are … Read more

SpaceX spacecraft returns to Earth with four ISS astronauts on board

Published in : 05/02/2021 – 07:46Modified: 05/02/2021 – 11:10 am The Crew Dragon capsule returned to Earth Sunday morning, with four astronauts aboard who spent more than five months on the International Space Station. Four astronauts, three Americans and one Japanese, returned to Earth aboard a SpaceX ship on Sunday, May 2, which landed in … Read more