Boeing capsule tries again to reach the Space Station, years after SpaceX – 05/19/2022 at 17:31

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, with the Boeing Starliner capsule atop, before a test flight, at Cape Canaveral, Florida, May 18, 2022 (NASA/Joel KOWSKY) After years of delays and failures, Boeing is expected to try to get back in the race on Thursday with the liftoff of its Starliner capsule, for an empty … Read more

Boeing is trying to catch up with SpaceX after too much drama

However, this did not materialize. Meanwhile, Boeing is still trying to conduct an uncrewed test flight. The company will make its second attempt this week, hoping the flawless performance will fix its image as a shooting star in human spaceflight. The controversies surrounding Starliner also added to other issues. Problems within Boeing’s commercial aircraft division … Read more

NASA security consultants have raised concerns about Boeing’s Starliner and SpaceX’s Starship

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft descends by parachute on December 22, 2019, following the completion of the Orbital Flight Test-1 mission. Credit: NASA/Aubrey Geminani Members of NASA’s Independent Safety Advisory Board on Thursday warned the space agency against rushing into a test flight for the crew of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft and raised concerns about the capsule’s final … Read more