Alternatives more virtuous than Black Friday

Black Friday originated in the United States, where it has been a common practice since 1960. In France, the practice began in 2013 and is now mandatory for families looking for good deals. However, Black Friday is massively dominated by the giant Amazon and this drives (excess) consumption under the pretext of promoting purchasing power … Read more

Switzerland and the world: Florence Henguely, defender of our data

Is this one of the most complicated positions of the digital age? It’s possible. But obviously the mission doesn’t scare him. On October 1, Florence Henguely will become Federal Deputy Director for Data Protection and Transparency (PFPDT). This 39-year-old Fribourgeois will thus be the number two of an authority at the center of all attention. … Read more

The State, future big e-commerce operator?

Barid Al Maghrib will lead a new strategy. first indiscretions The Ministry of Industry and Commerce announces a new bill governing the courier sector. The aim is to reorganize the general framework of express mail and universal postal service (SUP) activities. While the State seeks to monetize its presence in the economic sector, it seems … Read more

A Black Friday under unfortunate auspices for e-commerce

Will the French’s half-mast purchasing power hurt the annual trade festival? “Inevitably, there is a fear”, recognizes Hugo Larricq, commercial director of CDiscount. The number two e-commerce company in France bets, however, on November 25 to recover the color, buying large volumes very early to guarantee low prices. Because, after the golden era of confinement, … Read more