What place for electric cars in Caledonia?

Integrating the electric car into the country’s energy transition plan is the government’s goal. But, for now, the infrastructures that involve this new means of transport are still in the planning stage. Erik Dufour, Gael Detcheverry, Nicolas Fasquel (Lorelei Aubry) • Posted on June 24, 2022 at 4:38 pm. In Caledonia’s car fleet, electric vehicles … Read more

Ban on the sale of new thermal cars in 2035: are we ready to be 100% electric?

“Instead of selling large electric tanks, the manufacture of which consumes a lot of CO2 for 1% of the population, we have to manufacture small electric cars for more modest people”, says Nicolas Meilhan. With a good dose of provocation, this specialist from the website ev-volumes.com (database on the electric vehicle market) denounces an “unpragmatic” … Read more

Should we be afraid to buy an electric car?

The repercussions of the energy crisis are being felt everywhere, and it is of concern to most people, especially low-income families. Many are wondering what they can do to cut costs. Could electric or hybrid vehicles come to your aid? We sat down with Tilmann Vahle and Matthias Ballweg, co-directors of the SYSTEMIQ circular mobility … Read more

Automotive: how to explain new vehicle delivery times and rising used prices?

Four months of waiting for some models, almost a year for others. The global shortage of semiconductors has brought production lines to a standstill. Regional dealers are trying to adapt. Ordering a new car today gives you almost enough time to build a house before delivery… We’re not exaggerating because deadlines keep getting longer. At … Read more

a new elevated sedan that looks like a coupe SUV, features the plug-in hybrid

Zapping Autonews Green Nissan Juke Hybrid Rally Tribute (2022): the video racing SUV L’arlésienne is finally becoming a reality. Considered for several years by the automotive press, the Peugeot 408 was officially presented by the French manufacturer on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. And as expected, this new Peugeot 408 is an elevated sedan with a … Read more

Ford chooses Spain to manufacture electric car and worries Germany

US automaker Ford announced on Wednesday that it had chosen its Spanish plant to manufacture a future electric model over a German factory with 4,600 employees whose fate worries unions. The Valencia plant in southeastern Spain is “the preferred location for the assembly of vehicles based on the new generation of electrical architecture,” the group … Read more

Cars and vans: on the way to fully electric

From 2035 onwards, it should be impossible to sell combustion engine vehicles in Europe. The end of diesel and gasoline cars is approaching. On June 8, the deputies, meeting in plenary in Strasbourg, did not flinch. They adopted your position on CO2 emission standardstwo for passenger cars and vans, which confirms one of the emblematic … Read more

Near Dijon? Choose Sonelec

context At Tesla Mag, we want to support you as much as possible in choosing your charging equipment to switch to electric under the best conditions. We work on the selection of installers in all cities in France, here is the reference of terminal installers for the city of Dijon. Do you have a specific … Read more