Electric cars, not so green?

Electric cars, not so green?

Do electric cars really help save the planet? Their detractors believe the environmental benefits are exaggerated, but when it comes to global warming, studies show that they emit less greenhouse gases than combustion cars. • Read too: Electric vehicles are popular • Read too: Purchasing an electric vehicle: The price cap for a rebate increases … Read more

Our Discovery of the Electric Future Renault Scenic

This is how the brand presents its new Renault Scénic Vision to us. A visionary concept car that foreshadows the manufacturer’s upcoming models as well as many innovative technologies. So what does this “forerunner concept car” herald? Eco-design, technological innovation, sustainable mobility. These are the keywords of the concept unveiled today by Renault. The Diamond … Read more

160 km in 5 minutes, see StoreDot super fast charging in action

You will also be interested the Israeli startup StoreDot is working on a new technology designed to significantly speed up the loading of electric batteries while increasing your duration of life. StoreDot estimates that your battery will not lose performance, even after more than 1,500 recharge cycles. At the moment, this ultra-fast technology can charge … Read more

what car to buy from €17,390 to €60,000?

New vehicle sales are falling. The predictions for the year 2022 are not good for manufacturers who even refuse to take orders for certain models, as the tension on semiconductors and supplies is strong. In March, 181,134 vehicles were registered, a drop of more than 21% compared to the same period last year. However, the … Read more

Buy Directly Extended Range Smart Electric Cars Market Report [Édition 2022]- Customize it as you like.

Extended range smart electric car market research trends to watch in 2022 With a new business idea popping up every second and an entrepreneur everywhere, how can you make your business stand out? Market research gives you the edge even when you’re already certain you have the perfect product – an essential step towards success … Read more