How do you prepare your business for the future? – Trends-Trends on PC

This is the central question of Wayne Visser’s model. “You have to look at the whole system that you operate in,” explains this sustainable transition professor at the Antwerp Management School. “A business cannot thrive in a collapsing ecosystem.” Wayne Visser likes to use the image of a puzzle piece to explain to companies how … Read more

Choosing the right business health app

Alexandre Chagnon, co-founder of TherAppX (Photo: courtesy) EMPLOYEE’S MENTAL HEALTH. Health apps have exploded in recent years. There are now over 300,000 on the Canadian market, and their growth is sustained. These apps are also becoming increasingly popular among Quebec business owners who want to preserve the mental and physical health of their employees. Several … Read more

NFT: An Avalanche of Monkeys – ApeCoin Might Exit the Ethereum Blockchain

A post-Ethereum future? – Following the catastrophic minting of the NFTs from Yuga Labs’ “Otherside” metaverse lands, the team is considering a migration. In fact, ApeCoin DAO board members linked to Bored Ape Yacht Club study the offers for ApeCoin migration. It is currently running on the Ethereum blockchain. The minting of the “Otherdeed” lots … Read more

Cleaners and bouncers scream discrimination

– According to an advocacy note released on May 6 by Oxfam Morocco, guards and cleaning workers are among the professionals most affected by job insecurity and harsh working conditions. However, these activities (security and cleaning) are defined within the scope of service contracts drawn up according to a special specification book (CPS). How do … Read more

Detailed Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning Equipment Market Analysis of Current and Future Growth Forecast to 2028 Applied Materials, Lam Research, SCREEN Holdings

The latest version of WMR titled Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning Equipment Market Research Report 2022-2028 (By Product Type, End User/Application, and Regions/Countries) provides an in-depth assessment of Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning Equipment, including key market trends, upcoming technologies, industry drivers, challenges, regulatory policies, company profiles of key players, and strategies. Global Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning Equipment Market Study … Read more

At any time, a neobank serving small businesses

A subsidiary of Orange Bank, Anytime is a neobank specializing in services for professionals. It offers an offer that aims to simplify the life of small businesses by helping them in their accounting, financial and organizational management. Facilitating the management of a company’s finances is Anytime’s commitment to its customers. Born in Belgium in 2012, … Read more

Expat in Spain: how to legally work for a foreign company?

The free movement of goods and people allows any European citizen to move, settle, work and study in any other European Union State. Indeed, under the impetus of the European Union and facilitated by the Schengen area, Spain is attracting more and more European citizens. If, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the job market has tightened … Read more