Grain and Seed Cleaning Equipment (Grain and Seed Cleaning Equipment) Market 2022 to 2030 – Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast

Global Grain and Seed Cleaning Equipment (Grain and Seed Cleaning Equipment) Market 2022 examines changes in the market grain and seed cleaning equipment (grain and seed cleaning equipment) and provides important information to help your company find its place in the market. The study includes data from around the world as well as individual states, … Read more

Life balance, meaning, ethics… The keys to retaining young people in business

Young people born after 1995, designated by the term “Generation Z” and driven by the 4th industrial revolution, are questioning management practices within the company. One of the key themes is the relationship with loyalty. While fidelity and long-term loyalty were specific tenets of past generations (baby boomers and Gen Xers), young people seem to … Read more

How to contribute to more diversity in business?

Stephanie Moulin HR Business Partner (ING Luxembourg) “First, it is essential to have strong management support, both to create diverse teams and to develop a strong and inclusive corporate culture. These factors will be the keys to better performance at every level. Therefore, it will be important to establish a quantified diagnosis of the aspects … Read more

Soon a metaverse director in business?

By Florian Carriere (senior manager at Wavestone, specialist in digital and emerging technologies)Morgane Soulier (founder of Now Futures, an independent consulting firm) Per Florian careersenior manager at Wavestone and Morgane Soulierindependent consultant, specializing in digital transition, Web3 and metaverse. You probably didn’t escape the wave of the metaverse, popularized by Meta, which promises to be … Read more

No, Google’s artificial intelligence is not conscious, as a company engineer claims

From our correspondent in the United States, The case is causing a stir in Silicon Valley and the academic world of artificial intelligence. Saturday, the Washington post nailed it with an article titled “The Google Engineer Who Thinks the Company’s AI Has Awakened”. Blake Lemoine guarantees that LaMDA, the system by which Google creates robots … Read more

Draft law forces companies to report cyberattacks

(OTTAWA) Justin Trudeau’s government introduced a bill on Tuesday to better protect the public from cyberattacks, requiring companies that fall under federal regulation to report incidents targeting Ottawa. Published at 7:48 am. Updated at 3:58 pm. Emilie Bergeron the canadian press “Over the past few months, we’ve seen organizations across the country, from large hospitals … Read more

Richard Arpin and Data Marketing in Business

Specialist in strategic planning and black belt in marketing one by one and in CRM, Ricardo Arpin For more than 20 years, he has held management positions in the advertising and agency sectors in the telecom, banking, cultural, B2B and retail sectors. Acting as Director of Strategic Planning and Technology Marketing at videotron for nearly … Read more