The authenticity of a Renoir portrait certified by an algorithm – November 23, 2022

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to help determine whether valuable works of art are real or fake. According to Guardianthe start-up Art Recognition from Zurich has just assigned, thanks to a technology it developed, a work entitled Portrait of a Woman (Gabrielle) to the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The painting, which belongs to a Swiss … Read more

» The French start-up Posos was chosen as a study object to evaluate the impact of tools for detecting and correcting iatrogenic injuries in the emergency room MyPharma Editions

Posted on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 The French medtech company Posos, which offers a medical decision support tool to customize medication management, was selected by the Ministry of Health as a study object to assess the medical-economic impact of detecting iatrogenics (risks in medical prescriptions) to emergencies. The objective of the study is to show … Read more

Moov Africa rewards the three lucky winners of the Moov Startup Challenge

This Monday, November 21, 2022, at the headquarters of Moov Africa, the award ceremony of the “Moov Startup Challenge 2022”, launched by the mobile operator Moov Africa Chad, took place. For the local phase, the three best startups are awarded an amount ranging from FCFA 500,000 to FCFA 2,000,000, in addition to equipment and internet … Read more

Third places: ways to reinvent and develop them

per Virginia of Kerautem Third places “are neither home nor work”, described in 1989 the American sociologist Ray Oldenburg, the first to talk about these hybrid places. Since then, these spaces have multiplied, almost everywhere and in a myriad of areas. They are cultural, associative or called “activity”, but their visibility is not always very … Read more

Back Market, To Good to Go… “start-ups create solutions for purchasing power”, guarantees Clara Chappaz

Director of French Tech for a year, Clara Chappaz discusses the challenges facing startups, including improving purchasing power and economic sovereignty in France. You were appointed director of the French Tech Mission almost a year ago. What conclusions do you draw from this? Above all, it was an opportunity to tour the French capitals of … Read more

50 startups to apply in 2023

Posted on November 22, 2022, 9:28 am The start-up elinoï, specializing in recruitment, publishes its fourth edition of the 50 young people to apply for next year. To establish this selection, it is based on several criteria: the company’s project, the position/missions, development perspectives, company culture and values, remuneration, work environment and/or flexibility in telework … Read more

Join your brand’s 11th Start-up edition!

Digital transformation is a must and a complex subject for brands. Because its mission is to support its members in this transformation, Union des marques, with the support of the Figaro Group, launches the recruitment of the eleventh group of its Start-up your brand program reserved for Martech start-ups. 🇧🇷 60 start-ups have already been … Read more

Materrup, clean clay-based cement

By changing the recipe for this essential material, one of the most consumed in the world, the French startup can partially decarbonize an industry that accounts for 7% of CO emissions.two In all world. The invention will soon celebrate its bicentennial. In 1824, the British Joseph Aspdin registered a patent for the so-called “Portland” cement. … Read more