Bill Gates-backed startup is using robots to build large solar farms, The company aims to build trawatt-scale solar farms using robots

Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a venture capital firm backed by Bill Gates, recently invested in a large-scale automated solar installation platform. The company in question, Terabase Energy, aims to quickly build new solar farms at “trawatt scale” and says its automated on-site factory can already speed up plant construction and reduce costs using robotic arms that … Read more

Gabinete BM&A, a start-up to conquer new markets » PACA’s economic and political bulletin

A little over a year and a half ago, BM&A took on the challenge of creating its own start-up internally to innovate and conquer new markets and complete the offer offered.. True Augmented Intelligence for accounting, tax and compliance services, GEO (Global Enterprise Observer) offers a concrete, global and simple answer to the needs of … Read more

these seedlings of agricultural processing – Jeune Afrique

• Ikenna Nzewi – Releaf (Nigeria) Industrializing food processing through technology is the dream of Ikenna Nzewi, CEO and co-founder of Releaf, a Nigerian start-up that develops technical and technological solutions linking farmers and agri-food factories, one of the continent’s weakest points. Ikenna Nzewi was still a student at Harvard in 2017 when the idea … Read more

Sintermat manufactures augmented materials using the flash sintering process

Start-up Sintermat has industrialized a process called flash sintering that allows designing augmented materials from metallic, composite and natural powders. The company has just completed a second fundraising to accelerate its growth. Meeting with Foad Naimi, its founder. Created in 2016, the start-up Sintermat develops a state-of-the-art technology from a research laboratory at the University … Read more

A startup to find an internship or intern in Cambodia

CamSeed is a Cambodian start-up that aims to promote the culture of paid internships. A win-win scheme where entrepreneurs and students find their account. Gaining professional experience is essential for students. Internships at the company are an invaluable opportunity to put their school knowledge into practice and be confronted with the reality of the company. … Read more

The story of Africa’s biggest startup is scaring Wall Street

Africa has seven unicorns so far and, despite the difficulty in finding capital since the second quarter, investors have been particularly appreciative of the continent’s nuggets since January. In fintechs, the Flutterwave Payment Platform raised $250 million to achieve a rating of $3 billion. Today, it is the largest African startup. But its integration into … Read more