Logidoo, the startup that wants to democratize logistics for e-commerce in Africa

Logistics is strategic for retail and, even more, for digital commerce. In Africa, e-commerce is expected to reach a market size of $75 billion by 2025, according to McKinsey. And logistics is one of the main success factors for e-commerce activity. Also, often due to lack of financial resources and substantial volumes, e-merchants manage their … Read more

These startups that fled Paris

Keeping more or less contact with the capital, the start-ups chose to take facilities and teams to Montpellier, Lyon or Nantes. Comments. Parisians, don’t you see yourself spending your whole life in the capital? Some start-ups in Ile-de-France have decided not to lose sight of him, allowing full remote control with telecommuting packages or multiplying … Read more

Launch of a collective of start-ups dedicated to mental health

Seven startups specializing in e-health announce on March 17 the launch of the “MentalTech” collective dedicated to mental health. They are HypnoVR (virtual reality therapies), Kwit (smoking app), MindDay (mental health training), Petit Bambou (meditation), Qare (teleconsultation), ResilEyes (follow-up for people who are victims of post-stress -traumatic) and Tricky (prevention through games). “We came together … Read more

Swiss startup develops cameras that “talk” to plants

Yosef Akhtman at the headquarters of his company Gamaya in Morges. swissinfo.ch Gamaya promises to revolutionize agriculture around the world. This young Swiss company develops intelligent systems that work with special cameras and drones that allow the farmer to carry out “surgical” interventions in the fields. The main producers of sugarcane and tobacco in Brazil … Read more

The most promising shots from the Swiss “start-up nation”

Wingtra ranks fourth among the best Swiss start-ups of the year, thanks to its drone that specializes in mapping and topography. wingtra Drones for the inspection of nuclear reactors, revolutionary systems for diagnosing tumours, bracelets capable of measuring women’s fertility: many products from Swiss start-ups are successful all over the world. The best innovations were … Read more

Switzerland, country of pharmaceutical giants, wants to attract AI startups

Shahram Ebadollahi, Global Head of Data Science and AI at Novartis, at a conference on Artificial Intelligence in Health in Basel. Dominique Soguel Artificial intelligence (AI) can work miracles in hospitals: more accurate diagnoses, less administrative tasks and more time for patients. Switzerland is well positioned to become an AI hub in healthcare, but there … Read more