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Elizabeth Holmes, founder of start-up Theranos and short-lived Silicon Valley star, has just been sentenced to eleven years in prison for fraud by the San Jose court (she is appealing). Theranos had been wildly successful in the 2010s, reaching a $9 billion valuation, promising to revolutionize medical testing with a simple drop of blood taken … Read more

Reenchanting Education and building the school of the future, the ambition of startup Unowhy

If the entrepreneur tells the story of SQOOL today, he must also go back to that of QOOQ. Two entrepreneurial stories that connect and reflect Jean-Yves Hepp’s vision on the transmission of knowledge. Project genesis: QOOQ Jean-Yves Hepp relates the beginning of his career: “I started in the media, just over thirty years ago, quickly … Read more

After the euphoria, tech startups come back to reality

After a euphoric year, marked by record revenues, technology start-ups are sailing between more expensive, less abundant money and a recession in sight. “We’re back down to earth,” notes Charlie O’Donnell, founder of investment firm Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, after a 2021 vintage during which “investors got carried away.” Last year, around $311 billion was raised … Read more

Israeli start-up raises $12 million to cut $900 billion of fresh produce industry waste

Clarifruit, an Israel-based company that develops a software platform for automated quality control in the supply chain, has completed a nearly $12 million funding round led by Champel Capital and Firstime Ventures. Participants in the round include Kubota, a leading global supplier of agricultural machinery and technology, and venture capital fund NevaTeam Partners. Private investors … Read more

Klaro, the startup that increases purchasing power » PACA economic and political newsletter

All my help becomes Klaro and accompanies his name change, raising 3 million euros from the Impact investment fund, Asterion and the Malakoff Humanis and AG2R LA MONDIALE investment funds. This survey and this name change support a new ambition: to become the essential application that improves purchasing power and frees up administrative procedures. An … Read more

When large groups and startups go hand in hand to do good business

The David with Goliath award, awarded this Thursday, November 24th, distinguishes large companies and start-ups that managed to organize a win-win partnership. Relationships between large groups and start-ups are changing. The former’s motivations for joining the latter are no longer the same as in 2015. This is what Bain & Company and the Raise Sherpas … Read more

5 startups that are preparing companies for the future

On Wednesday, November 16th, Alliancy’s editorial team offered to discover innovative companies whose respective markets concern the main keywords of 2022: Web3, quantum, metaverse, NFT, cryptography… The opportunity to return to business reality of current trends, but also about the latest turbulent news on these subjects. The year 2022 has seen a wave of new … Read more

Slush 2022: “Most Ukrainian start-ups didn’t go out of business”

Among the delegations present at the Slush 2022 event in Helsinki, the Ukrainian stand inevitably drew attention. One of the spokespersons for the startup ecosystem in Ukraine at Slush, Yuri Kozil, CEO and co-founder of Evolve created in 2018 (2020 according to Crunchbase), explained to us that we support the development of start-ups and individual … Read more