Sister Feel, the Eurasanté start-up that puts the cold in your panties

Yes, you read that right. Let’s talk to you about perineal cryotherapy. It simply consists of applying cold to the perineum to relieve daily pain and discomfort. A trick that many women use in System D mode, but that two sisters, former students of Lille, decided to make it more concrete and practical. A few months ago they launched a box with compresses and a cotton case.

When Sophie, 38, left us a message on our answering machine, we didn’t immediately understand what she was talking about. After listening to it several times while surfing the internet, we discovered perineal cryotherapy. A rather complicated name for an ultra-simple principle: putting cold on the perineum, an ultravascularized area. The goal is not to cool down when it’s hot (whatever), but to relieve the pain and discomfort that can be encountered in everyday life.

That’s also how Sophie and her sister Juliette, 36, discovered the practice. “During her 4th pregnancy, Sophie suffered a lot at this level and her midwife advised her to apply cold, says Juliette with whom we have coffee in Lille. The cold has an anti-inflammatory, anesthetic effect and this thermal shock will actually release hormones in the body.

Sofia and Juliet. @SisterFeel

Juliette is also trying out this trick for her digestive issues. “Be careful, the cold will not solve the medical problem, but it will help you to tolerate it better.“, specifies the young woman who saw especially a well-being.

System D

The only concern is that putting a bag of frozen peas or a bottle of ice water between your legs, we’ve seen to be more practical. The two sisters reflect on a simpler system to make the most of the virtues of the cold.

They start by talking to their physician parent, who will help them get in touch with a range of healthcare professionals. “We both studied at business schools in Lille, so nothing to do with the medical world. On the other hand, we know that many advise their patients to have this procedure done cold, so their opinion was very important.“, continues Juliet.

With Sister Feel, the sisters are positioning themselves not in the medical field, but in the area of ​​well-being and comfort. “The objective is to leave system D and democratize this process.” Throughout 2021, they are researching in this direction. And in January 2022, their product is almost finished: a cotton case that looks like a washable sanitary napkin, but in which we put frozen compresses. Compresses that have been in the freezer before goes without saying.


The Ulule campaign they launched last June was more than a success. “We sold 400 cases from day one, 1200 in just one monthannounces Juliet. This is mainly due to the fact that many women know the trick and already practice it..” But he did it with the means at hand.

Incubated at Eurasanté

As we are professionals, we test. To tell you that it’s enjoyable from minute one, we clearly wouldn’t go that far. On the other hand, we forget very quickly once curled up on our couch under a throw in front of a series. For sisters, it’s best to keep the affair to 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes the first time, even though there’s really no maximum or minimum length. “We also advise you not to do it when you are already cold and to put yourself in good condition to start. Some do it in bed before going to sleep, for example..”

To buy a box (mainly made in the North), count €60 (cotton box, freezer kit and three compresses). For now, you can only order online, but girls are actively looking for physical outlets such as parapharmacies or wellness stores. They are currently incubated at Eurasanté, a regional accelerator of innovations in health, nutrition and aging well.

If you want to know more, we advise you to go to their website, where many explanations await you. You can also watch live or repeat this Wednesday, January 25, the program “Who wants to be my partner”: sister Feel will be present.

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