Shark Robotics, a start-up specializing in robotics in hostile environments, raises €10 million for Move Capital

Shark Robotics, one of the French and European leaders in terrestrial robotics in hostile environments, in particular firefighters, demining and nuclear robots, announces that it has raised 10 million euros from the European fund Move Capital Fund I. This funding will strengthen its position in the market European and international.

Founded in 2016 in La Rochelle, start-up Shark Robotics has set itself the goal of designing and manufacturing ground robots entirely in France. It masters the entire robotics value chain: hardware, software and AI, as well as batteries, which has allowed it to position itself today as one of the world leaders in fire robots and robotics in hostile environments. It employs around fifty people and generated almost 10 million euros in turnover in 2022.

The fire of Notre-Dame de Paris gave him worldwide visibility. The firefighters of the Parisian brigade, who had used the fire robot Colossus several times during the previous two years in other big fires, then forced to evacuate the cathedral, decided to face it in the fire. Since then, other units have acquired it, in particular the firefighters of Val D’Oise or the marine firefighters of Marseille.

The start-up was quickly recognized nationally and internationally: International Prize for Innovation Technology in 2019 by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, National Winner of the Creative SME 2020 for PME RMC trophies, a collaboration with Boston Dynamics in 2020, medal of the National Assembly… It managed to demonstrate its responsiveness during the Covid-19 pandemic, developing a decontamination robot in just three weeks in March 2020, when general confinement was introduced.

Awarded in France and the United States, Shark robots help increase operational efficiency, preserve human lives and reduce environmental impact.

A wide range of robots

In addition to the Colossus firefighter robot developed with the Paris Fire Department to meet the operational needs of its units, which the company continues to improve thanks to feedback from the latter, Rhyno Protect, “its little brother” is designed to support firefighting units fires but also companies in fire risk management. The start-up also established a strategic partnership with the National Federation of Firefighters of France on November 25 with the aim of improving safety and efficiency in the intervention.

Shark Robotics has also developed, thanks to feedback from French customs, the Bulkhead, a spiked crate that can puncture the tires of a vehicle traveling at 110 km/h in just a few seconds, with the aim of better protecting operators. . She holds two patents for the implantation system and tips for this robot. The Air Force ordered 149 examples of it in February last year.

It also designed the Barakuda, the most powerful multipurpose support mule robot in its class, the Atrax demining and reconnaissance robot, adopted by Kieffer Maritime Command, and the Alligator, a small reconnaissance and inspection robot in hazardous areas.

Accelerate international development

The company has already delivered more than 100 robots to 15 countries. They are used by public institutions of civil security and defense (Ministry of the Armed Forces of France, Fire Brigade of Paris, SDIS 33 and Ministries of the Interior internationally) and by the industrial sector (Orano, formerly Areva and ArianeGroup).

This funding will reinforce its position as market leader, intensifying its investments in R&D, accelerating its internationalization, which has already begun through its subsidiary Shark Asia, and improving its production tool.

Cyril Kabbara, Founder and CEO of Shark Robotics, comments:

“This fundraiser will allow Shark Robotics to accelerate its development at a time when robotics is occupying a growing place in our societies. Tools at the service of the common good, our robots add operational and protection value to dangerous tasks. We are pleased to welcome Move Capital, whose expertise and values ​​fully correspond to Shark’s DNA. In addition, this fundraising will contribute to reindustrialization and the generation of high value-added jobs”.

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