French Hypnosis Apps Mostly Attract Americans

Posted on Jan 25, 2023, 8:45 am

Your eyelids are heavy, very heavy… forget the old clichés! Thanks to the magic of digital technologies, hypnosis is becoming a tool that should tame our daily pains and anxieties. Proof that investors are starting to take an interest in this business, OneLeaf has just announced a first round of funding with Fsrt Capital alongside Kima Ventures and Raise.

Launched in February 2022 by Eliott Cohen-Skalli, (also co-founder of The Collectionist), this mobile application of self-hypnosis audio programs raised the sum of 4.3 million euros. A windfall complemented by 600,000 euros in debt and subsidies granted by Bpifrance.

Three years ago, it wasn’t certain that the young bud had managed to raise such an amount. But the health crisis, a source of anxiety and depression, has accelerated the public’s interest in “alternative medicine.” And among them, hypnosis is not left out. According to the American research company Grand View Research, the global hypnotherapy business should jump to 4.5 billion dollars in 2025 against 2.5 billion today. France follows the same curve, according to the GVR.

Tobacco, overweight and stress

However, the money raised by OneLeaf will be used to target the United States as a priority, where by far the most hypnosis is “consumed” for your well-being. In that country, the user base of the tricolor platform grows 20% every week, according to the startup, which hopes to recruit massively to reach its breakeven point in a short time.

Of the 10,000 registrants registered for a month on the app, most are North American. To convince them to subscribe to specialized programs for major problems (smoking, being overweight, stress, etc.), OneLeaf has content adaptable to each user’s lifestyle and at an attractive price ($68 per year).

For its part, the Bordeaux start-up Hypnoledge ensures that it is ready for Anglo-Saxon countries and the Spanish-speaking area. After more than a year of tests with thousands of French users, it arrives this January on app stores offering a tool to learn six languages ​​on the one hand and to follow personal development courses elsewhere (19.90 euros/month ).

“In a state of hypnosis, the student is in a state of hyperconcentration where he can maximize his attention and his learning abilities in general”, explains its co-founder Laure Duprat-Morlaes, herself a hypnotherapist.

Hospitals, new target of hypnosis applications

Other wellness-oriented hypnosis applications are on the rise, such as Reveri in the United States. However, the main notable obstacle to its adoption remains, according to the GVR report, the lack of scientific data to validate the alleged benefits. To reassure users, startups highlight scientists, psychologists and hypnotherapists, who helped them craft the content and lend credibility to their approach.

OneLeaf is no exception. Also Deep Belief whose audio sessions “to listen to before going to sleep” (49 euros/6 months) promise to “regain self-confidence”.

A hypnosis practitioner herself, co-founder Margot Sitruk appears on her website surrounded by several experts in neuroscience and cognitive science. With 10,000 subscribers gained in France since its launch in January 2021, the app also wants to venture into the United States and attack the professional market.

OneLeaf also plans to launch a BtoB activity from summer 2023 across the Atlantic, targeting large companies. Hypnoledge, meanwhile, began marketing its programs to select schools and training organizations before targeting private companies. Other startups focus on the hospital market, where hypnosis is a well-known practice in operating rooms.

Having developed a medical hypnosis device through virtual reality headsets, HypnoVR has won over 350 healthcare establishments in France and several European countries. The tool would improve patient comfort by reducing the use of sedatives and anxiolytics. In December 2021, the Strasbourg start-up raised €4.5 million from Banque des Territoires, Akiles and Capital Grand Est.

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