“Who wants to be my partner? “. This start-up facilitates shared accommodation between students and pensioners

Visibility, funding and expert advice. This is what Mélanie Slufcik is looking for when participating in the program Who wants to be my partner broadcast on M6 Wednesday, January 25, 2023. This 39-year-old woman will introduce investors to the Colibree Intergeneration platform, which she founded in July 2019. “There is strong demand because the real estate crisis is still ongoing. But a lot of people still don’t know our concept.”she watches.

“Retirees have big empty houses”

As a business student in Bordeaux (Gironde), Mélanie Slufcik struggled to find accommodation that suited her budget. A few years later, her grandfather died. “My grandmother had to leave home to live in a nursing home. But she didn’t want to. » That’s when he clicks: “Students are looking for cheap accommodation and retirees have large empty houses. You must enjoy. »

She then learns about the principle of intergenerational cohabitation that works well in several countries, such as Spain, Holland and even Finland. But not in France. “I think there was a lack of visibility and communication. The proof, in three years, we managed to create a community of thousands of people just by communicating on social networks »explains the 30-year-old.

Affinity based matching

Convinced that her idea could improve the lives of many people, Mélanie Slufcik decided to go digital. After refining the design for two years and gaining support from banks, it created a platform that connects young people under 30 and self-employed seniors over 60, whether they are renters or landlords. To register, simply create a free profile on the site.

“We asked them about their identity, their age but also their needs, if they are smokers, if they like animals, what they watch on television, what they like to eat, what they expect in terms of coexistence…”, lists the founder. All this information will allow the platform to carry out a “Coinciding” so that each subscriber can find their ideal roommate. “Two profiles are considered equal if they have five common affinities”she says.

Average rents of €300

The protagonists are directly linked by the Colibree Intergeneration team. They exchange over the phone and may arrange to meet to see if the magic works. If that’s the case, they sign not a lease agreement, but a solidary intergenerational cohabitation agreement, as required by the Elan law. “We then support them with all administrative and legal proceduressays Mélanie Slufcik. The implementation of student insurance, the management of rents…”

Precisely, each rent is set by the pensioner who opens the doors of his accommodation to a young person. “If he has an idea of ​​price, we validate it together. If not, we recommend it. » On average, the financial contribution is around €300 per month including charges. “We are more around €450 to €500 in Paris”, says the entrepreneur. The young person pays the company a monthly commission of 20% on the income paid “never go over €100”. During formalization, a commission of €15 is deducted from students and pensioners.

Development in Europe

To date, over 250 contracts have been signed. The duration of cohabitation is not fixed, it can last for a few months or several years. Colibree Intergeneration has 8,000 subscribers, including 7,000 young people attracted primarily by affordable rents. Seniors, on the other hand, have different motivations. “There are younger people who have a small pension and who provide a room for additional income”, confides Mélanie Slufcik. Older people seek above all a social bond: “They want home life and companionship. »

Based in Orléans (Loiret), the start-up connects students and retirees across France. In Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, but also in rural areas. And the demand is balanced, according to the businesswoman who now wants to develop her platform abroad. “We have already been sought after by Switzerland, England, Belgium”. But for that, the company, which has twelve employees, needs resources. The founder will have a few minutes to convince investors to M6 to accompany you on this adventure.

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