Retraining: These programs help you dive

Posted on Jan 24, 2023, 7amUpdated Jan 24, 2023 at 9:17 am

Take stock of the Switch Collective

Who is it made by? This program is offered by Switch Collective, a start-up created in 2016 by two thirtysomethings, sociologist Béatrice Moulin and Clara Delétraz, former co-founder of French Tech. The company was bought in 2020 by Numa (Maif group), but the management, team and methods remained the same.

What did we learn and how? The approach is twofold. It is collective with one co-development session per week with the class (about twenty participants) “knowing oneself better through others”. It is also based on individual follow-up with a trainer nicknamed “ comrade “ which re-reads your exercises, helps you to get to know yourself better, identify a lane for changing concrete, and advises you to establish an action plan aimed at digging that lane.

What is the duration? Less than two months. 24 hours for six weeks for the mixed formula (two face-to-face days + two three-hour online sessions). The online formula alone lasts 22 hours, spread over eight weeks (six three-hour online sessions).

Where ? In Paris (7th) for the two face-to-face days.

How much does it cost ? 1,999 euros for mixed training, 1,499 euros for distance learning. Both are 100% CPF funded.

Bonus: Exercises to deepen autonomy, space for exchanges with trainers and participants, individual written summary at the end of the program with the trainer’s recommendations, access to a community of more than 10,000 ex-switchers (“la Switch Family”).

the lucky path

Who is it made by? The course was developed by Chance, a start-up with a social mission, a pioneer in PsyTech in France, a sector that combines behavioral sciences, data analysis and artificial intelligence. Chance was created in 2015 by social entrepreneur Ludovic de Gromard and Clémence Coghlan, with economist Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Honorary President of Chance. The company raised 12 million euros a year ago.

What did we learn and how? Nine video sessions with a bespoke trainer, free-to-attend group video workshops, exploratory meetings with business experts, dozens of one-on-one activities to be done online (quizzes, quizzes, career exploration, meditation, etc.) “to lead to professional paths to explore and narrow according to your needs”, and always in support with your e-coach.

What is the duration? Twelve weeks, completely remotely.

Where ? Online.

How much does it cost ? 1,350 euros. Financed by the CPF.

Bonus: a private Facebook group for mutual help and exchange, follow-up sessions with the coach after the end of the course, connection with a VIP who will open your network for you, tutorials to remake your resume, your LinkedIn profile, s practice interviews. ..

Exploring Ticket for Change

Who is it made by? The program’s origins go back to Ticket for Change, a school for “Change Entrepreneurs” co-founded in 2013 by Matthieu Dardaillon and Joséphine Bouchez.

What did we learn and how? The program wants to allow you to “to find the impact work that suits you best”. It alternates personal reflection exercises individually or in pairs, introspection sessions to define your skills and take stock of your motivations, meetings with inspiring change actors, recruiters… You are also accompanied individually in the preliminary and in-depth phases.

What is the duration? Twelve weeks, with an online part (3 pm) and/or a collective face-to-face weekend (2 pm).

Where ? Online and/or face-to-face weekend in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes and Saint-Germain-en-Laye, if there are five participants per city.

How much does it cost ? 1,800 euros. Supported by the CPF.

Bonus: video materials, podcasts, memo sheets, exercise screens, a roadmap for the rest of your recycling, a job board for finding your future job, access to alumni and the Ticket for Change community.

The Masterclass How to Become a Useful Talent

Who is it made by? This MOOC was created in 2021 by Chloé Schemoul, formed by ESCP, “useful job searcher”, author of “Freedman’s Handbook” (Ed. Marabout, 2019) and guidance coach.

What did we learn and how? The masterclass aims to “finding useful work done for oneself”. It involves a panel of experts who share their vision and feedback, such as collapsologist Pablo Servigne, entrepreneur and National Digital Council co-chair Gilles Babinet, or MakeSenses founder Christian Vanizette. Orienteering experts explain their methods from Apec, Chance, So Many Ways, Switch Collective, On Purpose…

What is the duration? From five weeks to three months, depending on the formula chosen.

Where ? Online.

How much does it cost ? 120 euros for the formula in autonomy. 199 euros with assessment coaching at the end of the program on video. 499 euros with individual video coaching or face-to-face assistance. Not financeable by the CPF.

Bonus: self-training exercises, further reading on current socio-environmental struggles, commitment notes, challenges, concrete decision and action plan at the end of the materclass.

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