The best advertising tools to give visibility to your start-up or SME

Distribute business flyers


Flyers are one of the oldest marketing tools, but they remain popular due to their incredible versatility. Whether communicating simple information about a company or carrying out intense promotional efforts during a product launch or event, they can be effective in getting a message across.

Distributed in person or mailed, these flyers help increase your business awareness while captivating the target audience with striking visuals and attractive design.

When formatted correctly, flyers can quickly draw attention to special offers, services or events. So, with a little creativity and strategic use, flyers can go a long way in driving business success. Even for people who are not used to graphics, several online tools offer the possibility to create successful flyers for a reasonable budget.

Leave a mark on your potential customers’ minds with promotional items

The use of flyers is tailored to win new customers for local products and services. To promote your brand to prospects and existing customers, promotional gifts are a great help.
Promotional items and samples are therefore interesting tools. Offering objects in your company’s colors allows you to leave a lasting mark in the minds of potential buyers: t-shirts, cups, pens, key rings, calendars… Especially when these include the telephone number or address. Household.

In addition to their potential usefulness, free gifts are, above all, the support of an attractive visual reminder of your company for the recipient and his entourage. Thus, investing in these objects can be interesting to stay in the minds of existing customers, in addition to serving as part of a public relations strategy when reaching potential potential customers.

Finally, allowing potential customers to test a product or service with a sample or trial period can convince them to buy. This practice is particularly impactful for consumer goods or Internet services.

Focus on local media

In general, its use does not come spontaneously to the minds of VSEs and SMEs. It’s a pity, because the local media has advertising spaces at prices that are often affordable for an efficiency that can be formidable depending on the activity.

With an increasingly competitive business landscape, advertising on a locally broadcast radio or newspaper can be a winning strategy for reaching a targeted audience. Especially because the local means of communication bring a certain credibility and a capital of trust to the potential client.

attend fairs

To convince potential customers or prescribers, nothing like face-to-face meetings. That’s what fairs offer. There are some on virtually every topic in almost all of France. Most offer exhibitors the opportunity to participate at relatively low cost. The tightest budgets can opt for a desk and the more affluent can rent a stand of several tens of square meters.

Participating in fairs is an excellent way to find new customers or partners in both BtoB and BtoC. These events are an excellent springboard for successfully marketing products or services and for establishing valuable business relationships.

Trade shows can help you stand out from the competition by providing interactive experiences not possible with other forms of media. But beware, it is essential to plan meetings before, during and after the fair to maximize the success of your participation. For example, don’t forget to create your advertising tools, like a brochure or flyers we talked about earlier, and bring your business cards.


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