Wilbi, the free app to discover professions in stories

Posted on Jan 19, 2023 at 11:56 am

Is start-up Wilbi (short for “I will be”) on track to revolutionize youth guidance assistance? In any case, it makes traditional market players (Onisep, CIDJ) outdated and completes existing EdTech solutions, such as the JobIRL social network or the Hello Charly chatbot, while supporting the work of professional integration advisors or consultants in the National Education information and guidance centers or local missions. ” Wilbi is a job discovery tool for middle and high school students, retraining students, but also for all people in retraining sums up co-founder Charlotte Tandou.

a graduation project

The idea came to him in 2017 during his studies in marketing and communication at ISEG in Toulouse. ” My mother is a nanny and I could see when these children grew up, their anxiety with the choice of orientation, their fear of making mistakes. “, rewinds this 26-year-old woman. When going through the existing sites, she discovers that a tool is missing to help young people project themselves in their future profession. She made it her graduation project and won two awards.

The content currently consists of 250 job descriptions, nearly two-thirds of which are employee or freelance mini-videos.RD

Encouraged by this success, she made the leap into entrepreneurship by joining forces in 2019 with Corentin Bouffard, her eldest son, four years old, an IAE Toulouse graduate and consultant in business development creation. A year later, her start-up won the call for projects ” MOOCs and digital guidance solutions for higher education led by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Higher Education. “ We benefited from support over two years and managed to finance the creation of the app and start recruiting says Charlotte proudly. The start-up now has six employees and is developing within the Village By CA incubator in Toulouse.

Between Netflix, Insta and Tinder

Accessible for free on Google Play or the App Store since January 2021, Wilbi prints all the digital codes and uses of 15- to 20-year-olds: a Netflix-style homepage, Instagram-like stories, Tinder-inspired swipes, likes… That’s it. it’s for the interface. The content, so far, consists of 250 job descriptions, almost two thirds of which are mini-videos of employees or freelancers, invited to film their daily lives with their smartphone: missions, environment, tools, colleagues, etc. it is for young people to enroll in the trades of their choice to immerse themselves every day, for a week, in the reality of professional life.

Young people spend time following influencers. Why wouldn’t they follow professionals to dive concretely into their profession? argues the co-founder. We can thus discover a private detective commenting on his hiding place in a parking lot, a jeweler-jeweler evolving in overalls in his workshop, a sommelier in the middle of a tasting in a cellar, a crane operator filming his construction site from the top of your machine, a data scientist immersed in your data…

no algorithm

All these professionals are invited to show the advantages and disadvantages of your work, for example in terms of hours, pace, working conditions “Says Charlotte. She makes sure everyone plays together. Anyway, a young man is not fooled. He knows very well that there is no ideal job. »

Each video is complemented by information about training, salary or career development “ taken from official sources » including the ROMA (Operational Directory of Trades and Employments) of Pôle Emploi. The tone is intended to be “friendly” and benevolent. ” We reassure young people, we talk to them, we practice humor without being vulgar “says the co-founder.

There are also references to movies, series, podcasts or books.” to broaden users’ curiosity “. Charlotte makes it a matter of honor. It’s not about “locking” them into a profession. “ The app does not use any algorithm. Which allows us to push professions they don’t necessarily think “, she salutes.

Sponsorship with companies and schools

To date, Wilbi claims to have 110,000 users and hopes to reach 250,000 by 2023. Although the app is free, its business model is based on sponsoring professional companies and organizations, “ the pleasure of valuing your employees in stressful or sometimes unfamiliar jobs “. Thirty of them are present in the application, such as EDF, Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas, French Construction Federation, AFT Transport and Logistics, National Union of Surveying Specialists.

However, the app is not intended to become a showcase for businesses. ” The objective is not to sponsor all professions warns Charlotte. Another source of funding, the schools (about twenty) which find ways to present their training linked to trades, and to partner with young people, if they so wish.

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