Pension reform: is senior employment a promising business for startups?

Posted on Jan 18, 2023, 10:05 am

Pension reform is a starting point for entrepreneurs who want to enter the job market for the elderly “, bets Jean Emmanuel Roux, founder of TeePy Job, a platform to connect employers and job seekers aged 50 and over (including retirees). It started in 2018.” We were forerunners, there really weren’t many people in that niche. But the market is maturing “. It is even promising according to him: I’m sure that if we talk to each other again in 12 months, startups will be born… »

The young shoots will have their work cut out for them. Today, only 56% of people aged between 55 and 64 are employed, according to a Dares study on senior employment, published on January 12. A number lower than most European countries, but improving since 2000 . And the government is betting that its reform will continue to increase that number. According to their calculations, the employment rate of 60-64 year olds from 35.5% today would rise to 41.5% by 2030, reports Les Echos. For this, it bets heavily on a new senior index for companies with more than 300 employees. With financial penalties foreseen in case of non-publication.

“The senior index”, an unexpected effect?

This index will undoubtedly trigger something, because before there was no incentive to keep the elderly “Judge Jean Emmanuel Roux, the businessman. The tide has already started to turn, thanks to a tighter job market. “ Since the summer of 2021, we have seen orders pour in from all sectors: banking, insurance, automotive, etc. And not just in traditionally hard-pressed sectors like personal services or hospitality anymore. Even McDonald’s, the first youth recruiter, comes for our seniors! “, laughs the founder of Young Shoot. As proof, TeePy Job’s candidate base increased by 52% and the number of recruiters tripled between 2021 and 2022.

Other start-ups rely on employing seniors, such as Cokpit, a Lyon-based start-up launched in 2019 that connects specialist executives at the end of their careers with SMEs/VSEs for one-off assignments. Another example: the childcare group Kangourou kids, founded in 2010, joined forces with the start-up Neoppy (a young startup aimed at futures and young retirees) to offer day care for the elderly. Those over 50 now make up 17% of Kangourou Kids’ workforce, the company shows.

Other start-ups in the silver economy are sniffing the vein. This is the case of Alphonse, a startup specialized in supporting seniors at the end of their careers. “ We support seniors to know when they can retire. We are also working with them on a project for this period of their lives. But we still don’t provide specific support regarding employment or work resumption. “explains Barthélemy Gas, one of the two co-founders of Alphonse. “ On the other hand, we’re in the middle of a fundraiser and we’re thinking of creating something around it. »


Titouan Levard, Deputy Managing Director of Silver Valley, an innovation hub that brings together more than 300 organizations from the silver economy, is convinced: “ There are seniors who want work flexibility “. Jean Emmanuel Roux agrees: “ They are rarely looking for a full-time job. And then there are people who already have a fixed income with retirement and are simply looking for a complement. “.

For his part, Guillaume Mathieu, founder of, connects companies and executives with more than ten years of experience, and many times more. He discovers that he there are more and more independents, it is a macro trend. And we, strongly believe that companies will recruit more and more people instead of employees, including for seniors. “.

Multiplying self-employed work to the detriment of a stable job? A perspective that some will question, especially with regard to less employable profiles than executives.

What’s more, breaking into the senior market isn’t easy, recalls Barthélemy Gas, co-founder of Alphonse. “ Because it is a difficult audience to understand. When we started, we were in our early twenties, and in order to fully understand their issues, we would go to markets to meet and discuss with them. “, the forehead. The risk in this sector, perhaps more than any other, according to him, is offering supply that does not match demand…

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