Arevcare, the start-up from Marseille that wants to revolutionize concierge services

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Marseille is full of young, innovative and ambitious shoots. This is the case of Arevcare, founded by Richard Rambaud-Melkonian, which intends to impose itself in the concierge sector. Enlightening an entrepreneur, who wants to go fast and far.

At 22 years old, Richard can be proud of the path he has already traveled. Atypical, young and therefore hardworking, he already wants to position Arevcare in the world’s orbit. But, rather, it is in Provence that we find him, in Marseille. It is 9:49 pm on Saturday, January 14th, when he receives from the hands of Armen Petrossian and Didier Parakian – experienced businessmen – in the heart of the Palais de la Bourse, surrounded by 300 guests who have come to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Franco-Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry , the 2022 Youngest Hope Trophy…

Then, in the late afternoon, he launches: I’ll meet you on rue de la République, very close to La Canebière. You will love the apartment. The appointment is made. The République car park is easily accessible. ” Do not park in the other car park, you risk damaging your car. Richard is good advice. He refuses his profession as a doorman with a capital S, that of Service. He anticipates your needs as if he reads your thoughts or as if he has known you forever. But this anticipation is not intrusive. A whole art, which already sticks to the skin.

7 days out of 7

Then he shows the apartment, as if we were his customers. The apartment is spotless. It would look like him: atypical, simple and modern at the same time. It is, in fact, a duplex, brand new. On the dining room table, the Arevcare brand stands out with the first services currently offered by the young start-up: Aix lunchthe service Arevcare Racingthe service Arevcare Off-Road.

What strongly contrasts with the rentals of apartments, lofts, houses and studios that can be easily found on platforms such as Airbnb or Booking, is precisely the concierge service. Ricardo is very attentive. He introduces his services and stays tuned. Sure enough, it’s an interview (an hour anyway) at one of the properties the owners make available to him so he can offer them to his traveling clientele. Each one plays his role.

He knows by heart the property he shows. He declines his trade and is at ease. He shows you, as if the property is already yours, as if you have become accustomed to going there every time you travel to Marseille. The design, the furniture is perfect. ” I am available 7 days a week, and almost 24 hours a day, because at night I sleep ”, he adds with humor. He laughs about it. His laugh is contagious.

Since launching its start-up in May 2022, with legal creation in 1er In June, Richard sees his revenue climb the growth steps from 7 to 7.” There was a boost at the end of the year “, he explains. He sees the year 2023 in pink, or rather orange, as the color of his logo. He tells us a little secret: 7 is really his lucky number, written in his genes from birth.

A family of entrepreneurs

It must be said that Richard has something to cling to. Although, unfortunately, it is one of those families decimated during the 1915 genocide perpetrated by the Ottomans against Armenians (1.5 million dead between 1915 and 1923). His family survives, among the survivors. ” I’ve never been to Armenia, but I will soon, maybe this year. “, specific. He looks straight ahead. He builds his life, his future. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs. ” Yes, my parents are businessmen. The family business is called Aramine, I worked there between 2016 and 2020. It is managed by my mother and uncles. Richard already has 5 years experience in this small group, specializing in mining machines. It was in June 2020 that he decided to leave her to go it alone.

He didn’t go to school, like many of these new Y and Z generations, who are already digital natives. So he prefers practice to theory, the field to books. There is a self-taught side to him.

I was born in 2000, in Aix-en-Provence. I have an older sister, Victoria, who is doing a PhD in neuroscience in Belgium. My background is different. I did a professional bachelor’s degree in mechanics at the CFA du Pays d’Aix in Aix-en-Provence. My company was Aramine. I was passionate about the different positions I held: in mechanics, sales and purchasing. Richard tells some anecdotes. It’s not easy being the son of the co-president, the co-founder. But he learned precisely to behave, to avoid stumbling and to stay in his place… as an apprentice. ” The atmosphere was generally pretty good. “, remember. So, in 2020, he left for… London, where he was reunited with his sister. There, this great sportsman is passionate about the sector of dietetics and sports nutrition. He decides to start his graduate studies before dedicating himself to this area. 12 months later, in September 2021, he started EDNH, the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, in Nice.

Arevcare: a dream come true

Richard still doesn’t know it, but he wore the 7 league boots when he was young. From the age of 16, he made leaps of maturity. With a rather good mention in the baccalaureate, obtained in 2019, the world seems to belong to her. Going to London to join his sister, he improves his English and works as a waiter. So, he knows this world of sport and nutrition. But, very quickly, he got bored on the EDNH. 5 years of study is a long time to undertake. He burns with envy. At night, his dreams turn into images of businessmen building boxes, falling and getting up. He even sees himself growing up quickly. He sees himself, above all, moving forward and caring for others. It’s in their DNA, it’s in their nature: caring for others… and taking risks.

Between September 2021 and May 2022, it is therefore in the first year of the EDNH. ” Since I obtained my bachelor’s degree, there was something that grew at the end of the month: the desire to create, the desire to undertake. »

Describe your desire on an A4 sheet: a project halfway between real estate, travel and services.

I announced to my parents that I will not continue my studies. My father told me: You have to see it through to the end, because you started something you chose. And my mother said to me: If you’re not happy, and if you’re sure of yourself, if you’re passionate about it, launch yourself into your entrepreneurial project. “.

He matures his project. And spear. 1er June 2022, Arevcare it is legally created. ” Arev means sun in Armenian. And, care, in English, means caring, caring for others. » The young entrepreneur thus pays homage to his Armenian roots. This is his strength: making something new out of the past and being a visionary.

A new world, a new life: the concierge service

Richard therefore threw himself into entrepreneurship…from scratchas we say in english, from scratch. He began to collect properties, on the owner’s side, which he offers to his traveler-clients, on the tenant’s side. He learns a new profession: that of a doorman. It is an ancient profession, dating back to ancient times, the Middle Ages and even earlier. Before the word governor appears, it is the word janitor that is considered. The palace porter it is most often a man who manages, directs and maintains the king’s residences and his court. He is the confidant of the regents. In Paris, on the Ile de la Cité, is the Conciergerie. Under Philippe Auguste (we are in the 12th and 13th centuries), the Palais de la Cité was transformed into the Conciergerie. The concierge then has powers of justice!

Richard is therefore part of a long line of servants who range between the high spheres of power and that of sophisticated travellers. Richard’s entrepreneurial adventure lies between this somewhat dusty and dated history and the need to restore and even stop it. ” By embarking on this adventure, I have the ambition to create a French-style concierge service, helpful, smiling, anticipating the needs of customers: those who provide families, women and men, travelers, companies, their goods. Everyone is looking for beauty, comfort, a way of life in disuse, a top-of-the-range and impeccable service. On the one hand we bring dreams, on the other hand we want to live our dreams… I’m between the two. I’m like a hyphen…He laughs again.

A first prize: the 2022 Youngest Hope Trophy

The concierge world is therefore an ancient world that Richard wants to illuminate. In front of him, competition exists. It bears the name of John Paul, one of the French pioneers, who went global in the 2000s. And, who was bought by the ACCOR Group in 2016. He specializes in companies. There is also One Concierge, which offers exceptional services to its wealthy clients.

Richard, he’s just started. He is a newcomer to a market that weighs several tens of millions of euros in France. And, many billions worldwide. Good news for him: The market is not saturated “, according to some experts at Xerfi. Rather, the new entrants would have a good card to play: that of youth, precisely, that sticks so well to the skin of the start-upper. Arevcare’s promise? ” Tailor-made, of course, meet the needs of customers and offer them an unforgettable experience. Today, Richard is alone on board his small ship. Soon he will hire his first employee. He ended the year with a 5-digit turnover, which he intends to multiply by 10 in 2023.

That’s certainly why it got noticed. On January 14th, the Franco-Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded him the Youngest Hope 2022 prize. Rodolphe Saadé, the emblematic head of the CMA-CGM family group, which should surpass 60 billion in your side . He would be interested in this young footage. If Richard had been looking for a sponsor, he would have found a top-notch new one, which would complete the presence of Armen Petrossian (the king of caviar) and Didier Parakian (the former grand prince of haute couture, sold at LVMH). If so, your lucky star is not in danger of going extinct. Will it be the brightest sector?

hoist the mainsail

Among the 17 properties he offers for rent, some are truly exceptional, like this stunning Marseille loft that could be used as a movie set. Its geography, its current market, is currently limited to Provence. But it is already thinking of settling in all regions of France. This is your roadmap for 2023.

As a tailor-made service, it offers an incredible brunch, with its partner: Brunch Aixois. It also offers to visit the region on quad bikes, with Arevcare Off-Road. Finally, he enjoys sharing his passions like car racing with Arevcare Racing.

This is certainly its strong point: sharing its passions with its customers. And, put yourself at their service.

Seen from France, this little star is one of many. Because, according to French Tech, France has over 21,000 start-ups. According to KPMG and its 2020 study, it would be half. Hard to get the exact number. So much so that Le Figaro Economie in one of its articles dated 1er December 2021, spoke of the exorbitant figure of… one million!

What is certain is that Richard has released his own. That she is closely watched and followed. And, which has just strengthened (+1) the ecosystem of the Southern Region, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, which would have 1,500 start-ups.

How not to wish him good luck? Especially since he will hoist the mainsail in 2023 and start recruiting. He’s moving.

Antoine Bordier

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