Anuvu signed a distribution agreement with Starlink offering the fastest Starlink antenna for $2,500

MIAMI-(BUSINESSWIRE)–Anuvu, a leading provider of broadband connectivity and entertainment solutions for demanding mobility markets, announced that it has become an authorized global reseller of Starlink’s connectivity products. Anuvu is the first marine technology reseller to offer these antennas for $2,500.

Thanks to the new distribution agreement, Anuvu offers the fastest speeds available in the Starlink constellation.

Anuvu has supported Starlink installations for customers in the cruise, energy and yacht industry since expanding its suite of maritime industry offerings in July 2022. In October, Anuvu introduced the first portal for energy teams, scaled to support to the Starlink service, meeting the operator’s needs. for faster connectivity to facilitate video calls, high-definition video streaming and online gaming from your remote workers.

“Prior to joining Starlink’s reseller business, we wanted to ensure the most seamless, accessible and no-compromise experience for marine customers and that’s exactly what we did,” says Erik Carlsen, senior vice president of maritime affairs, energy and government at Anuvu. “Customers who purchase Starlink services provided by Anuvu benefit from our experience and unconditional customer support. For marine operators adopting a LEO solution, there’s no easier way to purchase Starlink products than ours. »

Anuvu strives to provide marine customers with the easiest purchasing process for LEO connectivity, without requiring Starlink unauthorized bundled products or services. Customers who purchase a Starlink antenna supplied by Anuvu enjoy multiple payment options, end-user support, the fastest Starlink speeds in the marine industry, and simplified billing from a single source.

“We are happy to be involved as a technology guide and trusted partner for our customers, but if you just need the fastest Starlink marine services available in a consistent and simple process, Anuvu is the best choice,” says Carlsen.

Customers can choose to have the solution deployed by Anuvu if they wish, along with SD-WAN and a range of state-of-the-art network management tools that can enhance, monetize and optimize their connectivity, but are under no obligation to do so. .

To purchase Starlink products provided by Anuvu, click here.

About Anuvu

Anuvu’s team of global experts effortlessly manage connectivity and content demands for demanding mobility markets, including airlines, cruise lines, and critical marine, energy, and government applications. Through long-term relationships with our customers, we have a proven track record of meeting our customers’ needs, even as the world changes.

Anuvu’s flexible and dynamic approach allows us to adopt the latest technology to optimize our customers’ experience and we pride ourselves on maximizing performance today while optimizing for tomorrow. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of their passengers and customers. Through our smart leadership and innovation, Anuvu defines next-generation passenger experiences through integrated solutions tailored to our customers’ brand and service goals.

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