The Toulousain E-Hé seduces the Louvre with its anti-fatigue mobile armchairs

Created by Toulouse startup E-Hé, the Flâneuses were swindlervslooks like a dreply universal to the evils that shorten visits to the museum, the libraryschool, mall or zoo: tiredness, crowding or lack of places to rest. A veritable Swiss army knife of mobility for visitors from all walks of life, this funky wheeled machine is multifunctional: stroller, armchair, shopping trolley, clothes rack or walker.

The idea of ​​the company was born from the simple desire to facilitate mobility andacces to cultural places supporting the comfort of visitors who may feel apprehensive or difficult when the visit lasts a short time. Thus, the flâneus were swindlervsues to respond to the reception of fragile people but also to provide maximum comfort to all, in a multitude of spaces open to the public. Bending, sitting, steadying yourself, putting things down, or carrying children are among the many examples ofuse.

“In 2012, an accident in my family led me to approach the environment of objects that accompany the loss of autonomy. Since 2017, my partnerthÉrèse Donnet, who is also my sister, and I havecidand of creditbuild our business. Our concept, the Flâneuses, was born gradually and from work with users who are aware of or affected by mobility difficulties and who revealed the need for a collective, inclusive and non-stigmatizing solution. The solution has many uses that encourage the most vulnerable to use it without feeling stigmatized.s.

the matteConventional mobility assistance equipment is not very versatile and often heavy, stigmatizing and not suitable for all profiles that frequent establishments open to the public. Our desire was to develop an innovative and practical universal object, with a pleasant look, that offers a simple solution to a multitude of problems. »explains Yves Subarroque, co-founder of E-Hé.

An armchair that seduces the most visited museum in the world

Solid, compact and suitable for all ages, this patent-protected device has been tested and validated in various cultural spaces across France. Equipped with seats, armrests, multidirectional wheels and brakes, the Flâneuse adapts to all uses and is easy to handle. Built-in, it can be placed in reception rooms without encroaching on reception areas. It is a certified medical device andput to all regulations in force and, in accordance with hygiene rules, can be cleaned and disinfected without difficulty.

After almost three years of R&D and since January 2022, this solution is available to visitors from differentrents establishments throughout France. Thus, the Louvre Museum and the City of Sciences in Paris, the Médiathandthat johnit’s Cabanis in Toulouse, the Aquarium Museum in Nancy and Le Vaisseau in Strasbourg now have Flâneuses. On site they are used by everyone. Seniors, but also parents who want to transport their children or simply people who want to deposit their personal belongings or sit down during their visit.

Made in France to support employment and industry

In addition to offering a solution for everyone, the armchairs are entirely made in France. In fact, the transformation of the components is carried out in the basin of Lyon or near Tarbes. As for the assembly of the Flâneuses, it is carried out at the foot of the Pyrenees in the company Milc Industries.

“What makes us dreamworm cis to have an impact on all stages around us, support employment and have industrial repercussions in territories close to us »says the 44-year-old manager, user designer of profession.

With a strategy of making itself known and making it known as quickly as possible, the startup from Toulouse now has mostly museums in its client portfolio, which has around 25 names. Sincegoal 2022, EHis delivered nexts of 160 seages. A total of 200 copies were ordered.s.

On average, according to the company, an establishment has around twenty Flâneuses. The company does not market its concept tojoinand. It offers interested establishments the sale of the device in lots of ten pieces at a price of 20,000 euros. Or a unit price equivalent to 2,000 euros. Through this operation, we seek to support a social innovation project that should make these establishments more accessible to everyone in order to encourage participation in collective life.he says.


Wanting toaccexalt its commercial development and a concept capable of responding DifferenceDifferent contexts and uses, the young structure is under discussion with potential future customers, such as airports, malls or amusement parks.

In this sense, E-Hé wants to export its design and is prospecting in two countries: Germany and Belgium. “They are neighboring countries and this facilitates cost, transport, maintenance and exchange issues. This allows to be in adequacy between the financial means and the objectives. The farther from France, the more expensive it is. In some continents, further ahead, we will go on the horizon of several years”he clarifies.

To finance this commercial acceleration, namely for the international market, and three other projects which are the constitution of a fleet of products that would be destined for rent, the continuation of R&D for the design of a whole range of Flâneuses and finally, the internalization of the assembly, the young structure wants to raise funds during the year 2023. In all, it wants to raise the sum of 1.3 millioneuros.

To support its development, the company, based in the Basso Cambo business incubator managed by Toulouse Métropole, plans to create five jobs in 2023 and thus increase its staff to ten employees.s. “We seek to duplicate all the positions we have today, namely the commercial, industrial, administrative and supply chain areas”, says the manager.

The companyit is’apprwill close the financial year 2022, next March, with a turnover of 200 thousand euros. In 2023, it intends to surpass the million mark.euros. “Our ambition is to act for an inclusive society, a society for everyone thanks to universal design. We want to assert ourselves on a European scale and on other continents that open up our offer”concludes Yves Subarroque.