SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Internet Is Available For RVs, What To Expect?

Starlink is the name of the satellite constellation that provides satellite internet access anywhere on the planet. The service, deployed and popularized by SpaceX, of which Elon Musk is President and CEO, is now widely deployed for VR in several European countries, US states and Canadian provinces, including most of Quebec.

The real high-speed web in VR and camping is now possible, and it must be said, but it’s about time!

We’ve all heard of Starlink, those famous orbiting satellites that allow us to have a connection from everywhere, deployed by the American company of Mr. Telsa in person, Elon Musk.

The problem so far was the installation difficulty, which is permanent.

Now Starlink comes with its solution for recreational vehicles and it will please a lot of people, both those who are in RVs and those who are in campgrounds where the owners prevent suppliers from coming to do installations on site.

Starlink, the satellite internet developed by SpaceX, is finally available in Quebec for RVs.

A great technological advance…

If the Starlink satellite internet project was first announced by SpaceX in 2015, it was only in 2021 that it obtained its ASN number officially considering it an internet service provider.

Now officially available for VR, users can expect high-speed, low-latency internet in the available areas found on the manufacturer’s website.

This is a huge plus, whether for nomads or adventurers like me or avid campers, as Starlink gives us Internet access almost everywhere in North America.

Starlink SpaceX North America availability

An overview of where Starlink is available in North America.

We agree that from a technological point of view it is a great advance. In fact, in any destination where Starlink has you covered for work and play, even the most remote places.

In addition, Starlink also added the option for travelers to roam without having to change their service address.

Let’s say that for someone who spends six months in Quebec and six months in the South, it really changes the situation!

Basically, you need to run the wires on the roof or side of the vehicle for when you want to connect the antenna.

One also needs to secure an internal or external storage case because the gadget cannot be used on the go.

Another big advantage: even though the service is quite expensive, Starlink offers us pay as you go.

Basically, VR users can pause and resume the service at any time for a monthly fee.

It allows users to customize its services to suit their individual travel needs and that is a rare commodity in the telecommunications world.

SpaceX's Starlink still unavailable in motion

While available for RVs, the Starlink unfortunately cannot be used on the go.

… which is still not the perfect solution

Unfortunately, Starlink is far from the perfect solution. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t work on the go, or if there are trees or obstructions.

It’s a little less practical when you’re in a trailer, a converted bus, or simply a truck you’ve turned into a house.

As Starlink requires a clear, direct view of the sky with no obstructions to connect, this means that once you’ve parked, you’ll have to go outside to install it every time to ensure good reception.

Fortunately, you can download the Starlink app for iOS and Android to determine the best location for your location.

If at first it seems to require more adaptation, the comments are generally positive and the pose does not seem magical.

Then there is the whole question of price. Unsurprisingly, acquiring Starlink is not cheap. We’re talking a material cost of $759 to equip, then a monthly payment of $170.

It is true that it may seem expensive, but you have to look at it as an investment. When you are nomadic or travel a lot, having Internet access is never guaranteed.

Buying a cell phone plan to work efficiently from anywhere? It also costs an arm and a leg.

In short, for now, it’s true that Starlink isn’t for everyone. However, if we travel a lot, have a house in the south or simply spend almost half the year in a campsite, it is a “think about it”.

Moreover, we will tell each other, but of the telecom companies that offer the possibility of pausing and reactivating the service at any time, there are no others.

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