Associating yourself with a celebrity, a guaranteed communication coup, Marketing and Sales

Sorare, the new French unicorn offering a platform for exchanging sports cards using the blockchain, has given itself a major publicity stunt by inviting football and tennis stars to its board. Founded in Paris in 2018, this start-up welcomed in January 2022 serena williamsas advisor to Sorare’s board of directors and Kylian Mbappe, since June 29, 2022 – as an investor and ambassador. But also previous years Gerard Pique, river fernando or Antoine Griezmannas well as investors.

A great marketing asset to bring the start-up closer to the fans of the players. These stars will concretely help the start-up, with 130 employees, based in Paris and New York, to build a strong brand in sports and to become an entertainment giant. Because, after having started in football, Sorare, until then quite discreet, has the ambition to expand into American and women’s sports, such as the partnership with the North American Baseball League (MLB). . 23-year-old French football world champion Kylian Mbappé will notably help the start-up build the product and also, marketing-wise, thanks to its huge fan base, reach a wider audience.

“These personalities are not part of the decision-making bodies. We asked them for topics or business advice. Serena Williams is the only one with a bigger role. She advises the management committee on our development in the United States,” comments Thibaut Predhomme, Sorare’s chief of staff. Personalities such as Antoine Griezmann, are not paid. “The unique ones have a broader specific partnership using their image for their communication, and very specific actions”, adds Thibaut Predhomme.

Nicolas Julia CEO and Adrien Montfort CTO of Sorare.

A return on investment

Treat yourself to a sports celebrity, a movie star like standard bearer of your brand? Many leaders dream of this, but few allow themselves. “It’s a great with. By bringing a celebrity to the capital, there is a real possibility of a start-up that is launching to reduce by five or ten the cost of image rights, in exchange for a percentage of the company’s capital, believes Eric Trastour, director of Oxygen Communication, an agency specializing in celebrity marketing and influencer marketing.

Interest is not based only on carrying out advertising campaigns and winning over end consumers. “This approach can reassure financial partners, federate the employees of a company. The manager can invite the celebrity to an ‘incentive’ seminar or to an event where they bring their best clients”, adds the specialist.

Build an authentic partnership

To seduce the stars and ensure the marriage contract is registered in time, several conditions must be met. Firstly, theinterest personality for society to be real. In order not to tarnish its image, thebrand DNA must match that of the celebrity. “There is nothing worse than the public realizing that the ambassador is there for the financial interest, as was the case with Gad Elmaleh and LCL. We felt he was there to cash a big check,” says Eric Trastour.

Sorare has ambitions to expand into American and women’s sports, such as its partnership with the North American Baseball League (MLB).

To attract the various athletes, Sorare has highlighted its assignmentand developed partnerships and a script custom. One of the more social aspects of the partnership between Sorare and Kylian Mbappé concerns the gamer foundation Inspired By KM to help underprivileged youth discover the opportunities offered by blockchain, the new Internet. “Athletes want genuine partnerships and don’t want to get on a moving train. They must have a specific objective”, confesses Thibaut Predhomme.

Retired Young Recipients

You also need to make sure you present your business model well to entice agents, even if that means promising significant subsequent earnings, and targeting people who have recently retired. A company that operates in the field of sport is, therefore, in every interest in approaching Tony Parker, Wilfried Tsonga or Roger Federer. “It is important that celebrities have time to function in society and are not often monopolized by contractual obligations with their sponsors”, advises Eric Trastour. In order for the consumer to associate a brand with a personality and to give the company and personality time to build their goals, it is better to work over time, at least one year. “To be effective, the contract or partnership must be for two years, or one year renewable,” says Eric Trastour.

Last advice: you have to study thephoto of people, its power in social networks, to better explore what it will communicate. Because the entrepreneur’s goal is to publish photos of the celebrity, or even a video clip, on their website, their Twitter or Facebook page, or transmit the star’s main messages. “You have to analyze the impact that the influencer will have on the web. Some refuse to be present on Insta or communicate very little”, observes Eric Trastour.

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