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A British advertising campaign made the 3rd Monday in January the most depressing day of the year, also known as “Blue Monday”. Nothing too scientific, then, but a good reason to listen to New Order’s eponymous hit, for example. in this replay on instruments from the 1930s. And if you’re still depressed, here’s some information that’s good for you.


Ideas forum - City libraries answer your questions [RTS]

Ideas forum – City libraries answer your questions / Forum / 5 min. / January 9, 2023

Libraries respond to you

How did we do when we had a question before Google and GPT Chat? Well, we dove into the books. Or we asked the librarians. In Geneva, it is always possible to ask questions at the municipal libraries. Response is guaranteed within 72 hours, of course, but it’s supported, provided, and… signed by another human being.

Lichtensteig: a village in the canton of St.  Gallen wins 2023 Wakker Award for successful integration of empty buildings [RTS]

Lichtensteig: a village in the canton of St. Gallen wins the 2023 Wakker Award, for successful integration of empty buildings / 12h45 / 2 min. / Wednesday at 12:45 pm

A changing village

A station transformed into a coworking space, the City Hall into a cultural space or even a factory into a center for young people. Faced with the closure of some brands, the small village of Lichtensteig (SG) decided to reinvent itself without destroying its heritage. A process crowned by a national award. And it even attracts new faces, like this producer who was looking for a place to mix his songs.


Refugees in Switzerland awarded for their contribution to the energy transition [RTS]

Refugees in Switzerland awarded for their contribution to the energy transition / 12h45 / 2 min. / Friday at 12:45 pm

Training refugees to install photovoltaic panels

On the roofs, along the roads and even along the rails, we want to place solar panels everywhere. But to get there, you’ll need qualified personnel. Based on this finding, the organization Refugees Go Solar created a program to train refugees in jobs in the photovoltaic sector. Since its launch, 60 people have already found a job. And the initiative has just been awarded by the Federal Energy Office.

An AV1 robot, which allows a sick child to attend school remotely. [Mathieu Henderson - RTS]

Robots at School for Seriously Ill Children / Video News / 2 min. / Friday at 4:41 pm

A robot in the classroom to replace sick children

It is possible to follow school remotely when you are seriously ill. But this is not always enough to maintain the bond when the absence is prolonged. From now on, robots make interaction possible and reduce the feeling of isolation a little. Fifteen are already competing in the French language classes, like the small AV1.

>> Learn more: Nao, Buddy, AV1: Robots at school for seriously ill children


The University of Freiburg is developing an AI to help species threatened by climate change / La Matinale / 1 min. / today at 06:29

An AI to protect wildlife

Analyze databases, satellite images and measurements to determine which species are threatened and update this information. This is the project being tackled by scientists at the University of Freiburg, who are developing a dedicated artificial intelligence. And so we hope to better preserve wildlife in an ever-changing world.

>> Learn more: Saving endangered species with artificial intelligence

Ideas forum - Participatory information boards to promote places of interest [RTS]

Ideas forum – Participatory information boards promoting places of interest / Forum / 5 min. / Friday at 6 pm

Promoting small heritage

Maybe you’ve already found a medal decorated with a QR code while hiking. At the end of the link, information, photos or anecdotes. It is the invention of a Valdense start-up, which intends to better value the small heritage by betting on towns and villages, but also on those who know its history.


12:30 pm Guest – Amal Tahir, Committed Feminist Author / 12:30 pm / 8 min. / Tuesday at 12:52 pm

for a healthy love

How to end the toxic couple dynamic? In her latest book, French author Amal Tahir questions relational mechanisms, the patriarchal system and idealized representations of the couple. And she offers her advice for deconstructing heterosexual relationships for healthier, more peaceful, more equal love.


Pollution [RTS]

Ecological education / Since the Earth belongs to us / 10 min. / October 12, 1976

Tips to consume less

Limit energy waste and consumption. The formula has been in vogue for a few months now – and with the threat of a shortage – but it was already fueling TV shows in the mid-1970s.

And if not, I don’t know about you, but I, although I grew up with the first translated manga on television, am completely lost in the face of the current success of the genre in bookstores. Happily, my colleagues at RTS Culture wrote a file to get started in the fieldinastro the little robot at the One piece.

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