10 new high-tech products for professionals to remember

CES 2023 once again brought its share of innovations that are likely to simplify business travel and remote communication.

Motorola ThinkPhone

aficionados of Lenovo ThinkPad be delighted to hear that your computer is now available as a companion smartphone with the Motorola ThinkPhone (this is the same house). Same orientation aiming at a professional publicwith quality and reliability as priorities, and the same kind of top-of-the-range specifications, here with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, a 6.6” screen in FHD+ definition and a precious fast charge TurboPower 68 W that allows you to power your smartphone or computer indifferently and recover a day of capacity in just 15 minutes. It incorporates the Think 2 Think solution that increases productivity through seamless integration between a ThinkPhone and a ThinkPad. Offered in a particularly resistant 8/256 GB version (military grade, IP 68 protection), its price (above €500) remains to be officially announced.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 2023

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon generation (Gen 11) must remain a reference in the field of business laptops. Of recyclable materials appear there, including 90% recycled magnesium and 55% aluminum. 1 OLED screen reducing blue light and supporting Dolby Vision is available as an option, while for video conferencesthe Dolby suite with Atmos Audio and active noise reduction with artificial intelligence must provide the best conditions. The smart camera also takes care of its users with a bad posture alert, while being able to automatically react to the presence of an unwanted viewer by displaying a dedicated logo or blurring the image. Availability: April, from €1,599 excl.

iOttie Velox Pro Wireless Magnetic Mount for Dashboard and Windshield

With MagSafe charging, iPhones tend to heat up when sitting for a long time, as is the case in a car, on a dedicated charger. New Yorkers from iOttie make up for it with the vented Velox Pro charger with patented cooling technology, capable of charging at 7.5W (an Elite version with 15W charging capacity will follow later). A dedicated chip, the use of magnesium and a 9-blade fan spinning at 6,000 rpm ensure thermal management of the package while you drive silently. Count around $80 for spring launch.

Scosche MagicMount Elite Charge Premium Wireless Charging Stand

Here is a small MagSafe iPhone charging stand (power: 7.5 watts), particularly compact and stylish. Collapsible, it can be left in your bag and unfolded, it’s rigid enough to hold your smartphone in a horizontal or vertical position, on a makeshift workstation or on your nightstand. Available in the fall around $50.

Moft Adhesive Cooling Bracket

The small American company MOFT (Mobile Office For Travellers) must have looked to Japan for inspiration for their very clever origami-style computer stand. It simply tucks under the laptop and is forgotten as long as it’s folded away, in its carrying case (ultra-thin, 92g). When unfolded at an angle of 15 or 25° depending on the position chosen, the support offers the computer a much more ergonomic position, both for the keyboard and for the height of the screen, contributing to a better posture. It also tends to heat up less, aided by the graphene that makes up this accessory, reducing the operating temperature by 5°C on average. €37.95, 4 colours.

JBL Tour Pro 2

JBL’s latest Bluetooth headphones were the first to integrate a touchscreen (1.45”) into their charging case, allowing easy access to their many features. This lets you manage music, headphone customization, calls, messages and notifications without taking your smartphone out. Two tests, in a noisy and quiet environment, will determine the ideal custom sound and advanced active noise reduction. Six microphones are responsible for providing optimal call quality with this high-end model. €249, 10 hours of battery life (+30 hours with in-case charging).

Rolling Square InCharge XL

The small Swiss company Rolling Square concentrates its ingenuity in an all-in-one cable, now available in a long version: the very clever InCharge has 6 different connectors (USB Type-C, Micro USB, Lightning) and can handle a generous 100 watts of power and transmit data. Ideal for connecting a socket or laptop and a smartphone, an external disk or charging headphones, for example. Its sturdy design and sleek design make it an excellent travel companion. Available in 30 cm, 2 or 3 m lengths (with silicone storage bag). 29 to 39€.


the french of skyted develop an amazing noise absorbing mask and allows a normal conversation without disturbing those around you. Another advantage is that it allows for a completely private conversation in a public place. One of the outputs of this project supported by Airbus Dev is the possibility of making calls on the plane with complete discretion, with 80% of voice vibrations muffled and absorption reaching -25 to -40 dB. For the sound part, it can be associated with any type of Bluetooth headset. Next Kickstarter campaign.


this micro device Warm that plugs into a smartphone’s USB-C or Lightning socket has a simple but life-saving function: relieve insect bites. Very practical when traveling, it heats the skin to exactly 51°C, which is enough to relieve pain and itching. With the dedicated app, you can choose from 12 levels of intensity. This small device made in Germany sells for €39.

Ampere traction timer

Need to focus? the startup Ampere imagined a kind of safe temporarily taking the smartphone out of your hands. Just set the time you want to leave it locked, between 5s and 99min. An application completes this routine by encouraging concentration time and the creation of a beneficial routine. This product won one of the many innovation of the year awards at CES. First Spring Deliveries, 198g, $69.

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