His app makes you lose weight, does your shopping and helps you cook!

At the age of 27, Adeline created her start-up from a personal click. (© Laurent Rebours)

Seeing her that way, particularly thin, we immediately wondered what motivated Adeline Santerre to imagine and create her app dedicated to food rebalancing. However, the 27-year-old from Châteaudun (Eure-et-Loir) went through a period in which her extra fifteen kilos greatly affected her health, her stamina, her self-esteem.

One click led him to create Petit Citron, a free app to the unique concept that drives the accompaniment of those who want stay in shape without losing pleasure.

She starts by creating a diary with her father.

Adeline spent all of her childhood and adolescence in the city of Dunes before starting work studies and studying communication in Tours.

She takes advantage of this alternation to create a small local newspaper with his father a local press correspondent to republican echo. From them Little Dunois will be released monthly for four years.

We worked at Petit Dunois from 2014 to 2018, we did everything, with the means available, it was a great business experience before continuing to Chartres with a degree in digital marketing.

Adeline SanterreCreator of Little Lemon

Meeting your future developer partner

At the end of this new training, he continued for a year at the Eure-et-Loir Chamber of Commerce and Industry start-up incubator, The Place by CCI.

She hasn’t taken her design for the baptismal font yet, but she’s laying the bricks little by little. In 2019 she refined her training, still on a work-study basis, with a Master in digital marketing at Sup de Pub Paris.

It is here that he meets Florian Madura, a promoter, to whom he proposes an association, which will boost his idea and make it a reality.

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Friendly and professional, both build their project, Florian still leaves CDI for believing in this concept.

At first it was very tired

The year 2021 is the year of final adjustments and the app is officially launched in October 2022, its start-up is based on Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine).

The little lemon is actually the story of great weariness. Adeline’s, five years ago and fifteen extra pounds on the scale.

I was constantly tired, naturally I went to see my doctor who alerted me. Excessive consumption of junk food without a balanced diet has led to this excess weight, this chronic fatigue and low morale.

Adeline Santerre

As Adeline summarizes, “you don’t put diesel in a petrol car”! So we have to find the right fuel, but Adeline can’t afford to go to a nutritionist.

“Like many people, I wanted to improve my daily life, seek well-being, but without going to a specialist it was not easy”, so she turned to digital.

Customized follow-up according to tastes, allergies, etc.

The application offers a whole series of easy, quick and economical recipes prepared by nutritionists.
The application offers a whole series of easy, quick and economical recipes prepared by nutritionists. (© Laurent Rebours)

The surname of Petit citron already comes from that fruit that we rush to have breakfast, to decorate dishes, for its virtues… and later it is also that of the Japanese of the island ofOkinawa where we live centennial.

The app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play, will generate menus for a whole week for each member of the family.

You must first detail your lifestyle, your tastes, your allergies, any special diets (lactose-free, gluten-free, pork-free, for example) and the algorithm will look for recipes for the entire week. data that are stored on a special encrypted server completely safe.

The concept can be taken to the point of being connected to the drive so that the shopping list adapted to these recipes is sent.

It’s fast, it’s easy to do for everyone, and it’s a real-time and purchase power saver so you don’t buy too much. When you traditionally do your shopping, you say to yourself “what are we going to eat?” This often leads to waste. There the quantities are perfectly calculated for each member of the family, we only buy what we need with the best nutritional products and the portions remain consistent!

Adeline Santerre

All recipes are validated by nutritionists and in general monitoring of dietary gaps they are even authorized as a pizza or a hamburger “everything is on the scale but what does not prohibit recreational meals, up to two a week, even if you’re losing weight. A way of don’t brutalize the body“.

Free and reward system

The app is completely free and in a few weeks a reward system will be offered by the drive partners. The more we go move and eat healthy the further we go accumulate points and unlock gifts which will, inter alia, take the form of shopping vouchers.

The application even offers, upstream, to define filters for tight budgets for example.

Adeline and her developer wanted to tailor as much as possible to deliver the best possible results. “It’s extremely complex to set up, but incredibly easy to use she rejoices.

Video tutorials, subscription…

Adaptations according to seasons will also be possible, as well as video tutorials to accompany those who are new to the kitchen.

Through word of mouth alone, the app has gained over 1,500 users in just three months, which encourages Adeline and Florian to further refine the user experience. From October, even if it is still possible to remain in free mode, a subscription at 7.99 euros per month will eliminate unit fees and allow earn double points.

Adeline still has a thousand ideas up her sleeve to further develop her concept througha graph especially for healthy and eco-responsible products…

Before any release, he convenes a good panel of beta testers (there were 600 at launch) who validate any changes.

Your start-up is growing, it visibly!

She has just hired an IT intern and an intern in digital marketing, mainly on social networks like Instagram and Tik-Tok, and the site is under renovation.

In early 2024 Adeline is planning a fundraiser to support this development, perhaps we will meet her in Who wants to be my partner? in M6?

Because in five or six years she already thinks about conquering the european market until American and Asian ! A well-squeezed lemon.

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