Vendée: This company acquired by individuals and brands

The Repairable team is preparing to move to a larger shop to meet increasing demand. © Stéphanie HOURDEAU

2020, while the covid had just confined the whole world, reducing our smallest actions and gestures, one Vendée, Blandine Barrétrained stylist, I was playing your platform and start-up repairable.

A concept that offers online clothing repair service that lets you, with one click, have your favorite clothes repaired for prolong its life and avoid repurchasing it.

A simple idea that quickly found its audience.

She even stood out in high circles like the Ministry of Culture.

The latter, since 2018, annually offers a call for projects for fashion crafts and fashion companies.

The goal issupport the sector in his digital transformationto encourage you to move to France and go to one greener fashion.

So many criteria that the start-up Vendée defends.

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The company took a risk and did well.

A bonus of €20,000

Among the 20 archives selected in 2022, the Repairable one was selected and will thus benefit from a €20,000 subsidy that the start-up will focus mainly on communication, visibility and digitalization, which today are the nerves of economic success.

This distinction is a satisfaction for the founder who sees her activity gain strength.

People have been very receptive. As we embarked on a health crisis, we saw a shift in behavior. There was a realization. Confined to their homes, people began to rummage through their closets. They rediscovered their clothes and wanted to do with what they already had.

Blandine Barré, creator of Les Reparables

10,000 repairs throughout France, or even more

To date, the company has more than 10,000 repairs.

“Through our ordering system and our partnership with Mondial Relay, we achieved almost 90 departments in France. We even received clothes to repair from Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium! “, celebrates the leader.

“It is a source of pride and shows that I was not mistaken. »

Favorite jeans, down jackets, but also dresses, skirts, coats, sweaters… arrive every day at the Reparable workshop, which had to quickly increase its workforce. There are now six, including four seamstresses.

It has everything, high value pieces, but also fast fashion pieces! We fix everything.

Blandine Barré believes she offers a complementary solution to the seamstresses in the neighborhood.

“We don’t do retouching, hemming… We repair what’s damaged, torn, taking care not to deform the piece. The idea is that the customer finds it as new”.

Out of 10,000 repairs, 10,000 solutions were found.

Honestly, we always manage to fix it. When there is a problem, we call the customer back and discuss with him to find the best alternative. This is our strong point, because even if our solution is online and by sending orders, we want to stay close to the customer. We are artisans and we want to keep it that way. We are behind the site, real little hands that fix your clothes. And that, we want customers to know.

Blandine Barré, creator of Les Reparables

Individuals, but also brands and companies

This awareness of repairing rather than redeeming was collective. “Individuals, brands and companies alike resort to repairs”, emphasizes Mathilde Baron, responsible for communication at Les Réparables.

People seek to extend the life of their clothes because they have an effect, but also for the sake of economy and ecology. For brands, in addition to the laws that impose more eco-responsibility on them, it is a new solution that they bring to their customers. As for companies, it allows prolonging the useful life of professional clothing and is a concrete CSR action that improves their image.

Mathilde Baron, communications officer

a bigger workshop

Names like Oxbow, Decathlon, Intersport, Faguo, Colas, La Poste, Jardins de Vendée…

A list that regularly grows to the point where Essart’s small company has to push through the walls a second time.

“We need more, mainly to meet the demand linked to companies that represent a lot of volume”, explains Blandine Barré.

At the beginning of February, Les Réparables will leave rue de la piscine n°11 for a 350 m workshoptwo a few hundred meters further.

The team should also expand in Les Essarts, but also close to Lyon, where Blandine Barré decided to perpetuate his ephemeral workshop, in order to guarantee a service both in the east of France and in the west.

An adventure that certainly runs smoothly.

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