Split: “No offense to some, what we’re doing is legal and fully compliant”

While the price of subscriptions like Netflix (+€1.5 on average), Disney+ (+€2 in 2023) or Canal+ (+€2 on average) keep going up, the Spliiit website offers a co-subscription system that allows its users to group their accounts and reduce costs.

Like other sites such as Diivii, Sharesub or Sharit, Spliiit gives account holders the possibility (against a commission of 5% + 35 cents) to authorize complete strangers, and upon payment of a fee, have access to vacant seats your Netflix or Canal+ Subscriptions, as with the ride.

In addition to SVOD services, Split also allows you to share your Spotify account, NordVPN, The team or even Dropbox. In total, there are more than 180 services offered, from software to music, passing through wellness or education applications. But behind its 660,000 registered users and its very positive results, the platform finds itself at a crossroads, with American groups reluctant to let the French play with the gray areas of its CGU.

Guillaume Lochard, co-founder of Spliiit, answered our questions and clarified the horizons for a year of 2023 that promises to be decisive. Interview.

Last year, Apple, Netflix and Disney summoned you before the Supreme Court to “unfair competition and free riding”. TGI has finally sided with you. Do you have a comment on this? Are you still in discussions with these American groups?

I will not comment on this particular case, as there is another procedure in progress. … I think initially there was a lot of confusion on their part about the fact that we were reselling subscriptions. We do not resell subscriptions. (…) We are a trusted third party that facilitates recurring payments between individuals. So we explain ourselves, which is why the first judgment was made in this regard.

Netflix is ​​making account-sharing more and more complicated, and in particular will make it chargeable in 2023. How could this annoy Split users? What solutions are you considering?

We are not against editors, most of us work with them. And if there is an additional cost, we can build it in the rates somewhere. We will adapt according to what is put into practice. The one-sided movement we see is that, more and more, restrictions are being lifted. Many services in the United States are doing away with household and family restrictions entirely because they’ve realized that you don’t have to fight a massive practice like co-signing. (…) What we propose is a solution to make this sharing profitable instead of fighting against it. The risk is that if the increase is too high, some people will unsubscribe altogether.

Netflix stipulates in its Terms of Service that the service should not be shared with people outside the home. On your website, you inform users that they must read the Netflix T&Cs and agree to abide by them. Sounds like a contradiction, how do you explain this?

The notion of family used in most publishers’ T&Cs is not applicable as such, because it is not the family in the administrative sense of the term. Then, regarding the notion of home, there is still a particular case, and perhaps that is where there is a legal vacuum in Europe that protects us.

So 2023 isn’t a source of concern for Split?

We are always open and vigilant. We are ready to discuss with any editor, ready to transform your view of our activity if it turns out to be negative. We implement several restrictions precisely to show our credentials to editors. The person adapts to respect their services and earn money from the system.

You had the ambition to launch Spliiit Pro, a variant of your system dedicated to start-ups and B2B, and also to sharing banking services. Is it still relevant?

The Spliiit Pro platform has not been created yet because the volume of offers is not big enough so far. But it is a service that, in a way, already exists thanks to the Software or Security categories. There are also professional and freelance solutions. Eventually, we want to have this separate professional platform, but we are expanding our offering. The freelance market is exploding and there is every reason to offer this type of multi-user subscription.

What are the horizons for Spliiit in 2023?

This year, the most important thing will be to launch an app, because right now we are just a web platform. We will also develop banking services, with the French bank OnlyOne. With this, you pay your card and bill every month as usual, and by doing so, you are authorized to invite someone who can also create their own account and have your card. Regardless, of course, we are not going to share bank accounts! We expect this Banking category to expand during the year. Our objective, in 2023, is to consolidate the market in France and Europe. And go to even more European countries. There is demand almost everywhere: we think of Poland, Switzerland, Sweden… and also Great Britain, where there are many French people. (…) We want to become essential and facilitate people’s purchasing power.

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