The start-up Odaptos de Montpellier announces a fundraiser of 500,000 euros

It was during the last CES Las Vegas, a fair in which it participated for the second time, that the start-up from Montpellier Odaptos announced a raise of 500 thousand euros. The round table was held at the end of December 2022 with the participation of MELIES Business Angels, Sofilaro (regional Private Equity subsidiary of Crédit Agricole), Mines Alès Angels and the investment fund FrenchTechSeed (BPI). This fundraising is accompanied by aid from the Occitania region and is part of a more global financing plan of 1.1 million euros that will allow Odaptos to accelerate its development, namely in the United States.

With the aim of improving the user experience of a website or mobile application, UX Designers carry out UX tests, usually long and expensive interviews, which allow them to collect the emotions and actions of users. Odaptos developed an AI solution with the aim of increasing the productivity and analysis of these user tests.

A start-up focused on emotional analysis

Maximilien Johannides and Felipe Restrepo, recent graduates of the Master in Interactive Multimedia at the Sorbonne, created the company ODAPTOS in 2020. Its SaaS platform aims to analyze emotions to automate and optimize user tests thanks to ‘AI, which allows its customers to improve the attractiveness and ergonomics of your digital products. His project benefited from the economic support of the Incubator IMT Mines Alès and was supported by Montpellier BIC and CREALIA.

For their part, researchers from the Joint Research Unit EUROMOV Digital Health in Motion (jointly supervised by the University of Montpellier and IMT Mines Alès) accompanied the co-founders in the methods of deep learningthe analysis of facial expressions by “Valence and emotional arousal”, the model of analysis of emotions by intonation and the multimodal analysis of facial emotions and speech.

His emotional analysis tool, developed in one year, was presented at the Vivatech show in Paris in 2021, where it received very positive feedback. It is aimed at start-ups, design agencies and large groups. Among Odaptos’ clients, we can mention the Lyon startup Mojo, the digital agency Spiriit, the UX strategy agency Kirk Design Agency and the company Scrabble Path.

Your innovative solution, awarded at CES Las Vegas 2023

The company was one of 26 companies that the Occitanie region recently supported at CES Las Vegas 2023. It won the CES Innovation Award 2023 in the “Software & Mobile Apps” category.

On the occasion, it presented the new version of its solution, integrating functionalities developed last year:

  • The iOS mobile application that offers the possibility to test all mobile applications on the iPhone with screen recording at the same time, to capture the user’s reactions to their mobile phone in real time;
  • Identification of key moments that allows you to segment specific parts of the video in order to share the best moments with the teams and save time in the process;
  • The possibility of carrying out the tests directly from any browser;
  • A new billing formula based on payment for interview time: the user starts to buy minutes (and not credits), which gives him much more flexibility in managing his time.

New investments in R&D

This fundraising will allow Odaptos to accelerate the development of its solution thanks to new investments in R&D.

Maximilien Joannides, CEO of Odaptos, says:

“Among the upcoming developments, the improvement of the facial recognition of our tool to detect up to 45 emotions (instead of 7 today), as well as the integration of emotion detection in the text. This research will be supported by the Laboratory and research professors of Mines D’Alès and its partnership with UMR EuroMov DHM in Montpellier”.

On the other hand, the company will recruit in order to implement a dynamic commercial strategy. Odaptos’ objective is to establish itself more strongly in the American market in 2023. The company’s target audience is mainly digital agencies, specialists in user tests, which incidentally carry out more than a hundred per year.

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