Survoltage: the start-up from Grenoble that rewards energy savings

“The first app that pays to consume theelectricity in the right time.”Jeff Knoepfli and Joris Bremond are the co-founders of startup boostbred in october and incubated in Moonshot Laboratories at the Grenoble. With the support of four other people, they developed theapp namesake available for free since December.

“We want to encourage citizens to consume electricity at the right time, educating people. Not everyone is aware of the consumption peaks or the polluting means of production (coal, fuel oil) implemented to overcome them…”

Overvoltage encourages and promotes the reduction of electricity consumption

At a time when the government defends energetic sobriety in an attempt to avoid the risk of load shedding suffered, Survoltage encourages, while guiding users to take load shedding measures, or even in selected load shedding. “1 consumer demand responseis the ability of a consumer to shift their usage to a time different from peak consumptionexplains Jeff Knoepfli, who specifies that these delete actions, aggregated in blocks, can be valued in euros.

Load reduction: the solution of the president of the association of merchants of Grenoble

“1 KWh of dead electricity sells for the same price (about 20 cents) that 1 KWh produces.” Thus, for a user who does not turn on his 1 KWh radiator for one hour, the use of that same radiator in the next hour would be free. Currently, app users are paid in files who will be eventually converted into eurosonce Survoltage is certified to become a delete operator.

“We submitted our RTE application process in September and we should have a response before January 15th”comments Joris Brémond before adding: “The objective is to create a community of users capable of taking actions on the network and we are going to aggregate these actions as if we were several large companies united.”

Goal: 50,000 app users by the end of 2023

Technically, the application, with the consent of the users, establishes the connection with your communication meter. “People let Boost access their consumption data the moment they made the effort to switchsays Joris Bremond. The next day, we’ll be able to tell them whether or not they succeeded in the erasure challenge.”

The Boost app has been available for free since December. ©Overvoltage

For now, the app only works with counters linky of Enedis, which remains the main distribution network operator in France. In the city of Grenoble, the manager is called GreenAlp. “They are in the process of rolling out their smart meter, which is not the same as Linky. We are in contact with them and they are willing to work with us.” Jeff Knoepfli hopes the app will be usable by Grenoble residents within two to three months.

By the end of the year, the two co-founders hope to achieve 50,000 users of the application and purpose 4,000 tons of COtwo avoided over the next two winters, thanks to the app users’ erasure actions.

Survoltage aims for an initial turnover of 500,000 euros

Economically, the start-up intends to be remunerated with a commission of 40% on the sale price of the erased blocks and for the appreciation of these same blocks in the carbon market. “We hope to reach between 300,000 and 500,000 euros in turnover at the end of the year”.

Overvoltage awaits the result of a fundraising waited until €600,000 and plans to launch another later this year that could reach up to 2 million euros. This capital will allow the start-up to hire, starting this year, in order to set up a team of eight employees then increase to 15 in 2024. But also to expand internationally and develop its technology to optimize the real-time data collection of smart meters, and finally allow users to manage electricity consumption from them connected objects including your vehicles.

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