A Tarn start-up crashes CES in Las Vegas with its punching bag connected

the tarn shone CES in Las Vegas 2023, organized from the 5th to the 10th of January. And that’s thanks to the start-up I-Percut and its connected punching bag cover. Winner of the CES Innovation Award, it puts technology at the service of boxing by transforming the traditional punching bag into a interactive punching bag. A world made for the first time in size.

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A connected punching bag cover

The connected punching bag coverbaptized “I-Perskin“, works with the application I-Percut, available for free on iOS and Android. Just log in to find the two types of programs offered. This is the free mode to let off steam and configure the rounds to your wishes, or the guided mode to access training sessions designed by professional boxers. Adapted to all types of boxing, including MMA, I-Perskin allows boxers to evolve according to their level and their own goals. For this, the lid, equipped with eight LED sensors, records the follow-up of the blows and presents statistics in real time. Since the results of each session are recorded in the mobile application, it allows for precise monitoring of the evolution of your performance.

This application allows professionals to host a certain community, so their students can join by installing the application”, explains Olivier.

Thereby connected cover, the trainer can see the statistics of his students. allows you to train better, guide better. Because if the I-Perskin proves to be a relevant tool for improving performance, Olivier adds a nuance: “the cape does not replace the trainer. It is a work tool that allows progress and calculation of performance, but does not guide the boxer about the position to be taken, and does not rule out the risk of injury”. In other words, I-Perskin may be suitable for experienced boxers, but for beginners, physical support is highly recommended.

It should also be noted that, for the time being, I-Perskin is aimed at a professional clientele such as gyms, sports associations and independent trainers. If it is planned, I-Percut is not yet attacking the private market. “For now, we have a very small number of units due to the electronic components crisis, but also because we don’t have a workshop to be able to respond to the production needs of a given market”.

The Birth of I-Percut

Installed in Tam, in a town called “Appelle”, located between Castres and Toulouse, It was Olivier Huc and his wife Maryline who had the idea to create this innovative product. contacted by the independent opinionOlivier, an electrician and computer scientist by training, talks about the genesis of this project.

I practice French boxing with my son and one day I said to myself that it’s a shame we can’t compare our performances from session to session and between boxers.”

Later, an exchange with a salesman of combat sports products leads to another thought. “He explained to me that he found it regrettable not to have a connected object in his discipline.” Afterwards, Olivier, determined to solve these various problems, shared his thoughts with Maryline, his companion “in life as well as in the profession”. But it was during an argument with his younger brother that Olivier had the idea of ​​creating a punching bag. From there, the couple embarked on creating the start-up I-Percut and its prototype. “At that time we had a document archiving business, we sold everything to embark on this adventure”. For this, the couple has about twenty service providers, almost all located between Tarn and Toulouse. “I-Percut is also an incredible human adventure”, congratulates Olivier. An investment that paid off after 2 years of work, the cover, called “I-Perskin”, has been available for sale since December 2022.

“I-Perskin” is currently aimed at professional clientele such as gym, sports association and independent trainer. If it is to be planned, I-Percut has not yet attacked the private market. “For now, we have a very small number of units because of the electronic components crisis, but also because we don’t have a workshop to be able to respond to the production needs of the private market”, he justifies.

Awarded at CES Las Vegas 2023

It is not the first time that the connected cover shines in a living room. In September 2021, the prototype was unanimously approved at a fair organized in Lille. Building on that success, the couple entered an innovation competition in Grenoble.

We knew right away that we were the winners of the best innovation among about sixty companies”, boasts Oliver.

Realizing the potential of their product, the couple decided to step into the ring at CES in Las Vegas. “One day I suggested to my wife that we participate in the CES in Las Vegas, it was an opportunity to confront the reality of the market in a specialized fair”. In fact, this annual event is considered the “world temple of technology”. Plus, “boxing is a particularly popular discipline in Las Vegas,” says Olivier. The couple therefore applied on the eve of the application deadline before being selected. Several months of preparation followed, “wonderfully well supported” by the Occitania region through the Ad’occ agency.

That’s how, a few days ago, the couple, who came straight from the Tarn, landed in Las Vegas. And they didn’t leave empty-handed, as the I-Percut is now the CES Innovation Award winner in the sports and fitness category. A consecration for the couple, who still didn’t realize what was happening to them. “Even when I say this, I can’t believe it,” says Olivier. And to add:

It is a good surprise and a great source of pride. Even if sometimes we don’t feel like it, we work a lot with my wife. We believe in that a lot. This experience is extremely rewarding because we were rewarded for all this work. But the most beautiful recognition we have seen in the eyes of other large companies. Everyone praised the fact that we are a microscopic startup and that we have achieved this3, says Olivier.

conquering america

The visit to CES in Las Vegas was an important step in the life of this young and micro-enterprise. For good reason, the stakes were multiple. “We are the only ones and the first to offer this product. It is important for us to introduce ourselves to the market and maintain leadership in this invention”, explains Olivier, who registered the patent for I-Perskin. “It was also an opportunity to find investors to expand, hire and find distributors for the North American sector,” he adds. And for good reason, I-Percut intends to conquer Americaor rather, your market.

We would also like to offer the I-Perskin to the American professional market starting in 2024”, points out Olivier.

With regard to product development in France, the couple will dedicate themselves to this during 2023. “We would like, in 2024, to extend the product’s accessibility to individuals. And for that, we need to find distributors,” explains Oliver. The couple also wants to “optimize the manufacturing price of the product” to democratize it for as many people as possible. So many ambitions that promise a bright future for the company Tarn I-Percut, already contacted by the boxing federations for the 2024 Olympic Games.

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