Start-up: thedraft, the first incubator in the South in impact sport

Since 2021, Maëlle Beltas and Mathieu Lafont open Reform [prononcez Réform, NDLR] in Marseille, their CSR consulting agency (social and environmental responsibility) in sports business. ” The sports world is 15 years behind in CSR compared to the business world, which is already behind », explains co-founder Mathieu Lafont. Over the months, the duo noticed emerging projects in impact sport and decided to create their incubator, thedraft.

Combining sport and entrepreneurship

In France, 47% of those under 25 years old want to create their own business and, if there are sports incubators, in the South none are specialized in sport and sustainable development. “, emphasizes Maëlle Beltas. Both therefore decide to push the door of the faculty of sport sciences ” because in business schools there are often incubators, on the other hand in sports university “.

So far, only Ile-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Occitanie have such an incubator on their territory, specializing in sports and sustainable development. Ultimately, the draft will have three types of support: a student incubation program, a startup incubation program and a professional athlete requalification program.

Develop sports and practice sports in the Paca region

An award-winning release in late December 2022 for the project

The draft was launched on December 2nd and 3rd, during a “sport impact” bootcamp at the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Aix-Marseille. More than 60 students responded to a challenge: create and develop in 24 hours a project that combines sport and sustainable development. Divided into 12 teams, supported by 40 specialized coaches, they were able to put themselves in the shoes of young entrepreneurs. ” We asked Jean-Baptiste de Tourris, founder of Vista ballon and neighbor, as he is also installed like us at L’Epopée, to present the conference “. An intervention that demonstrated to the students present that business, sport, CSR and sustainable development also work very well together. Because the aim of the draft is to demonstrate that projects can transform sport in the long term.

Language Sport drives companies and athletes towards the 2024 Olympics

Impact sport, a necessity for tomorrow

But what exactly is “impact sport”? ” It is a way of reinventing sports in order to contribute to sustainable and social development. “, emphasizes Maëlle Beltas. With Reform they could see that their customers, the federations and other sports organizations in turn wanted to move in the right direction.

If so far the draft does not know how to quantify this new startup market, on the other hand, the incubator knows very well that the sports sector is worth €90 billion in France and has 450,000 jobs. They are currently 1,800 students at the Aix-Marseille sports school. ” Even today, few students want to become entrepreneurs, but that is changing, especially for those who are destined to be coaches. “says Mathieu Lafont. this year, thedraft intends to develop at a national level and make a tour of sports universities, to unearth future nuggets to incubate in our territory. The second bootcamp is already scheduled for early March 2023.

The draft team is almost complete. (credit: DR)

thedraft first bootcamp winners

At the end of the launch weekend, five awards were given out.

  • The jury prize goes to eye’sporta project to take advantage of the use ofeye tracking in e-sport, using practices from the digital responsible.
  • The Audience Award went to female playersa mobile application project that allows geolocate streetball courts and connecting actors through the transmission of content related to sustainable development and inclusion.
  • The Impact Award was won by just tencompartment that allows store and keep tennis balls under pressureafter opening the boxes, thus allowing a lower consumption.
  • Finally, two communication 2.0 prizes were awarded: a Linkedin prize, awarded to Julie Buhagiar and the project two slides around sports tourism and an Instagram award, given to drinksa project of eco-responsible table football.

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