Investment in “autonomous driving”: AMAG Group invests in Holo A/S Denmark


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The AMAG group invests in the Danish company Holo A/S and acquires 33% of the shares. Holo is the Scandinavian market leader in the development and operation of autonomous mobility and logistics solutions.

In the coming years, autonomous mobility will continue to gain importance. Philipp Wetzel, managing director of the AMAG Innovation & Venture Lab, is convinced: “Our studies show that after 2030 the number of autonomous vehicles on our streets will increase significantly. Not to mention that autonomous transport services are already finding areas of application today.”

Until 2020, Switzerland was a pioneering country with the highest number of “autonomous buses” projects in Europe, especially with regard to attempts to integrate these vehicles into the general transport system or Swiss public transport. Projects then were expensive and resource intensive, but generally remained ad hoc, limited in time and location. The knowledge gained from these attempts was therefore limited and, if any, could only be used on a small scale for the future. The Swiss Association for Autonomous Mobility (SAAM), of which AMAG is a member, was founded to aggregate this knowledge.

Holo A/S is already very successful. A leader in the deployment, integration and operation of autonomous mobility solutions in Scandinavia, Holo has five years of field experience with autonomous buses, including more than 100,000 kilometers driven on eleven routes in five countries since 2018. The company is also working on new solutions with autonomous systems, both on the road and in the air with drones, on behalf of renowned partners. Holo will also manage a fleet of around 15 autonomous vehicles in Oslo for Norwegian transport company Ruter as part of the European “ULTIMO” research project.[1]

According to Philipp Wetzel: “Already a reality abroad, ever-increasing fleets of autonomous vehicles will also be deployed in Europe from 2023. The AMAG group will also be able to benefit, in terms of financing, maintenance and repair or charging services . With Holo, we have a partner for operation.”

In Switzerland, the AMAG Innovation & Venture Lab provides responsibility and collaboration with Holo for potential projects and offers in the country. Together, Holo and AMAG Lab want to offer solutions for autonomous transport services to customers in the public and private sectors. Negotiations have already started with several partners in Switzerland.

According to Helmut Ruhl, CEO of the AMAG Group: “The AMAG Innovation & Venture Lab focuses on the business model, which should gain relevance in the future. In doing so, we focus on areas close to our core business: Mobility as a Service, driving Autonomous and Smart City With our shareholding in Holo, the market leader in the development and operation of autonomous mobility and logistics solutions in Scandinavia, we are expanding our capabilities in this area.”

About Holo:

Holo is a leader in the deployment, integration and operation of autonomous vehicles in Scandinavia. The company has more than six years of field experience with autonomous vehicles for transporting people, including more than 100,000 kilometers traveled on eleven different routes in five countries since 2018. It is also working on new solutions with autonomous freight vehicles, both on the road and on the sidewalks.

Holo was created in Denmark in 2016 by the Semler Group to address the field of autonomy and has taken on the mission of making autonomy usable for everyone, from the end customers using the vehicles to the vehicle manufacturers working on the development of their technology, companies by improving the autonomy of existing mobility or freight transport services.

Its headquarters are in Copenhagen

About the AMAG Innovation & Venture Lab:

The AMAG Lab designs and tests new business models around sustainable mobility, evaluating and investing in specific start-ups. In doing so, the strategy focuses on the research areas of Mobility as a Service, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Smart City. Topics such as digital commerce, e-mobility services and sustainability are also part of his extensive research area. More than 20 experts from the fields of business management, engineering, innovation, business development, user experience, IT and finance collaborate in the AMAG Lab. The following start-ups were created or developed within the Lab:


Image 1: (from left to right) Helmut Ruhl, CEO AMAG Group AG, Philipp Wetzel, Managing Director AMAG Lab, Lars Himmer, EVP Semler Gruppen A/S, Head of Semler Mobility Solutions, Ulrik Drejsig, CEO Semler Gruppen A/Sc and Christian Bering Pedersen, CEO of Holo A/S, at the signing of the collaboration agreement. Photograph: Photography by Anja Wurm

Photo 2: (from left to right) Philipp Wetzel, Managing Director AMAG Lab, Christian Bering Pedersen, CEO of Holo A/S, and Lars Himmer, EVP Semler Gruppen A/S, responsible for Semler Mobility Solutions, look forward to a fruitful collaboration. Photograph: Photography by Anja Wurm

Image 3: Holo has five years of experience with autonomous land buses, including more than 100,000 kilometers driven on eleven different routes in five different countries. In Norway, within the scope of the Ultimo European research project, another test is underway with 15 vehicles equipped with Mobileye technology, in which Holo will be the fleet operator.

Company profile:

AMAG Group AG is a Swiss family company. AMAG Import SA imports and markets Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, SKODA, CUPRA and VW Commercial Vehicles vehicles through the largest distribution network in Switzerland, with more than 450 dealerships and service providers. AMAG Automobiles et Moteurs SA with around 80 garages, second-hand centers and bodyshops is also part of the group. It is also the center of expertise for the Bentley brand. Another subsidiary of the group is AMAG First AG, the largest organization of Porsche dealerships in Switzerland. Noviv Mobility AG, founded in 2022, is a further subsidiary of AMAG Group AG. It offers services in the area of ​​commerce and services as well as new mobility concepts.

The acquisition of solar energy pioneer Helion and its integration into the AMAG Energy & Mobility business area, founded in 2022, has enabled AMAG Group AG to expand its range of products and services related to mobility, electricity and global energy solutions.

The AMAG Group also includes AMAG Leasing AG, a financial services provider, AMAG Parking AG, which manages various covered car parks and charging areas, and AMAG Services AG, a licensee of Europcar and ubeeqo in Switzerland and which offers a valet service. Parking at Swiss airports as well as chauffeur services throughout the country. Since 2021, mobilog SA has also offered its logistics services to third parties, and the AMAG group also owns the AMAG Innovation & Venture LAB. AMAG co-owns autoSense, the digital vehicle networking solution since 2018, and offers an automotive subscription model with the Clyde project since 2019. In addition, it is a partner of the Swiss Startup Factory.

The AMAG Group is committed to operating in a climate-neutral manner by 2025. Furthermore, by 2040, AMAG aims to achieve a neutral ecological footprint, in line with the Net Zero target. The company is committed to the Paris agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and to the “Science-Based Targets” initiative.

AMAG Group AG employs around 7,000 people, including around 760 apprentices.

[1] The European project “ULTIMO” was launched notably in Oslo (Groruddalen with Ruter), in Geneva (TPG) and in Munich with fleets in the passenger transport segment. There is also potential for autonomous vehicles to transport goods and merchandise over the last mile.


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