Interview. Angel: This free site in Breton lets you know if your project is profitable

Thibaud Artur de la Villarmois, founder of the start-up Angel. ©The Country Malouin

Based on San Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), the beginner angel created a technology that allows transforming an entrepreneur’s ideas into accounting data. In other words, to see if a project is profitable.

Interview with its founder, Thibaud Artur de la Villarmois.

Le Pays Malouin: what is the objective of Angel, the start-up you created a year ago?

Thibaud Artur de la Villarmois, founder of Angel: Angel is a start-up based in the Le Pool coworking space in Saint-Malo and employs five people. We created a web platform there,, where the user, answering simple and precise questions, builds his business plan (business plan) in one hour.

A written document of about twenty pages (a PDF) that sets out your project’s development objectives, with the strategy, the real costs. The forecast thus obtained allows you to check whether your idea is profitable. It can then be submitted to a bank for financing. We created a technology that allows you to transform the entrepreneur’s ideas into accounting data.

You say this service is free, how do you fund yourself?

We have partners who pay us through the (non-intrusive) advertisements we place on our website: banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, interested business creators. A micro-enterprise does not have €2,000 to draw up a business plan and is often satisfied with an Excel file. Our solution allows designers to put together a realistic project, in which they don’t forget anything: insurance, rent, electricity, etc. One million French people embark on the creation of companies, micro-enterprises, companies, every year. Failures are often due to overselling and overselling or mismanagement. One in two companies goes bankrupt after five years of activity, if we help to reduce this proportion, it will be good.

Who is Thibaud Artur de la Villarmois?

Thibaud Artur de la Villarmois, 37 years old, studied at Isep, the engineering school in Paris, and at the ECE (central school of electronics). After working at Véolia, he created a website (a directory) of unbilled numbers still used by 200,000 monthly visitors compared to 500,000 in 2015. In 2012, he created a start-up with an ad blocker detector ” that doesn’t really work” and then developed his ‘’ in about twenty countries. With mixed results, he created ‘multipass’, a one-time subscription to various internet press titles that won him an award in New York but was a commercial failure. In 2020, during Covid, this Parisian returned to his Breton family origins and therefore created his start-up Angel in Saint-Malo, which, had it existed before, would have saved him some commercial failures, he guarantees.

After a year of existence, how many users do you have?

We currently receive 2,000 to 4,000 visitors per month, which is an average of 500 monthly business plans. Many restaurateurs and independents, but also merchants, VTCs, naturopaths, etc. We are very present in Nantes, Rennes, Saint-Malo and increasingly referenced by banks, CCIs, chambers of commerce that invite business creators to use our tool. Especially since our website becomes a source of information, collected anonymously, thanks to its users. They may refer to average prices for rents, insurance, works, electricity, etc. This artificial intelligence is complemented with data provided by accountants, the data.gouv website, etc.

What are your goals ?

After launching ourselves thanks to a €650,000 fundraising by Mayenne investors, next year we are going to organize a fundraising three times that amount, among other things, to develop ourselves abroad, in English. . We have two IT developers and hope to recruit three more in the next year. Our goal is to reach 60,000 business plans per year, ten times more than today. And become the number 1 tool that accompanies companies.

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And why this name Angel?

Because we want to give wings to companies and be their guardian angels!

Angel of Initiation.  Jaime Martinez, Tom Chegaray, Elise Cadiou, Anna Ferrari, Thibaud Artur de La Villarmois
Angel crew: Jaime Martinez, Tom Chegaray, Elise Cadiou, Anna Ferrari. ©DR also regularly offers free business tutorials.

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