Y-Brush test: a French startup invents toothbrushing in 10 seconds, does it work?

Every day, all over the world, start-ups are born with one idea in mind: to revolutionize a market or a product, with a new or different approach. This is the case of FasTeesH with the Y-Brush, an electric toothbrush that promises to take care of your mouth in just 10 seconds.

It all started in 2016, and it took 4 years of development, with dentists, to have a finished product, I learned from the communication manager. The young company was based on numbers: we should brush our teeth for 2 minutes, but in reality we would limit ourselves to 45 seconds on average, and we would do it wrong, for not going to the right places enough.

Hence the idea of ​​Y-Brush to offer what looks like a boxer’s mouth guard, equipped with very thin nylon brushes, and a small motor to vibrate quickly. The company recently raised 6 million euros for its development. I managed to get my hands on a Y-Brush (between €79 and €139) here is my opinion.

really really fast

The toothbrush does not have an amazing finish. I had trouble properly closing the opening for the micro-USB port (not the Type-C one on smartphones, unfortunately) which is used for charging. One detail, but which gives the material a somewhat careless appearance:

The brush part is removable (the ideal is to change it every 6 months, count, unfortunately, €35 each), and fits into the small motor, equipped with a single button. You must first choose the mode, or rather the intensity of brushing. The options are:

  • 5 seconds of intense vibrations, 10 seconds total (once for the upper teeth, once for the lower two)
  • 10 seconds of medium vibrations or 20 seconds total
  • 15 seconds of less intense vibrations, or 30 seconds total

Then you have to put toothpaste on all the brushes. A silicone tip is provided, which you place on any tube of toothpaste, to apply a small dose everywhere. Unfortunately, this causes the toothpaste to “drool” when stored, not necessarily very clean.

What feelings?

Once the mode has been chosen (you will see it by the way it lights up), you must place the Y-Brush in your mouth and press the button again to start brushing. You understand, it is necessary to foresee two brushings, one for the bottom, one for the top.

The instructions are as follows: you must chew the Y-Brush, moving it gently from right to left, so that the thousands of vibrant nylon filaments reach the teeth and, above all, the interstices between the teeth (where obviously lots of unwanted microscopic debris).

The operation, during my test of a few days in any case, is not very pleasant. Depending on the morphology of your mouth and the alignment of your teeth, inserting and moving the Y-Brush while chewing will be more or less comfortable.

Once the operation is completed (10 seconds pass quickly), you notice that the teeth are smooth and clean when you run your fingers over them, but the mouth has not had contact with the toothpaste. Hard to get the usual feeling of brushing your teeth, which also means a breath of fresh air in your mouth and minty breath. After all, the Y-Brush is what it promises: a toothbrush.


The Y-Brush is not, in my opinion, a device intended to replace a toothbrush. Initially tested in homes where it allowed caregivers to take care of the oral hygiene of the elderly with more comfort, this Y-shaped toothbrush will prove to be very useful for those who are in a hurry in the morning and want (or should) have their teeth cleaned in 10 seconds.

In fact, it’s impossible to do better in such a short time: all your teeth have been cleaned, including the interdental areas, by thousands of nylon filaments vibrating very quickly.

Unfortunately, I was never able, even in 2 x 15 seconds mode, to have the feeling of a fresh mouth, the usual (and pleasant) feeling after a good and traditional brushing of the teeth. Another disadvantage: if the purchase price (from €79) is reasonable, the price of the tip, to be changed every 6 months, is very high (€35).

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