Under the glow of start-ups, social violence

An epidemic of layoffs is spreading across tech in France: the latest announcement so far, the loss of 63 jobs at refurbishment specialist Backmarket. While conditions for tech workers are getting tougher, Elise Fabing’s phone keeps ringing. “On December 23, I received five calls from employees summoned for preliminary interviews. Companies want to close the fiscal year. Christmas Eve is very violent”, says the lawyer for the start-up Balanceta. You shouldn’t trust the sweet smile or calmness of this 39-year-old from Strasbourg. Her words cut and cut.

This thin blade of social law notes, therefore, that startups are fertile ground for pre-litigation. “In young companies, cases of harassment, discrimination and unfair dismissal abound, for various reasons. I don’t have the slightest idea how to react”, is surprised by the lawyer who – although she only defends employees – sometimes conducts internal investigations in companies.

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