Ukraine-Russia War: Defying the Russian Attack on a City “At the End of the World”

  • By Yogita Limaye
  • BBC News, Bakhmut (Ukraine)

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Most of those left behind in Bakhmut are elderly, like Anatolay, 86, looking for food.

“This is the most difficult operation I have ever seen. The enemy has launched its strongest attack on Bakhmut. We have never seen such troops before,” testified a Ukrainian commander.

Commander Skala, as he wants to be called, runs the Ukrainian operation to defend the town of Bakhmut in eastern Donbass from an underground chamber in an unnamed street. It is one of the main command centers that the Ukrainian military has set up in the city and few journalists have visited it.

Tall and burly, with bright eyes, he watches live footage from a drone hovering east of town on a large screen in the center of the room.

One of the battalion’s units tries to reconnoitre the location of the Russian positions in order to help another unit that has just left to defend the attacked eastern approaches of Bakhmut.

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