Hunting Plan: The government (again) on the hunters’ side!

The Secretary of State for Ecology, Bérangère Couillard, revealed the government’s measures to better regulate hunting and reduce the number of accidents. Unsurprisingly, the ban on hunting on Sundays is not included, preferring to entrust the safety of hikers to a mobile application… For the 30 Million Friends Foundation, the account (obviously) does not exist!

What if the president of the hunters was actually… Emmanuel Macron? The question deserves to be asked in view of the clemency of the President of the Republic towards this – powerful – minority.

Enforcement, prohibition under the influence of alcohol, training… All this for this!

If the Secretary of State responsible for Ecology Bérangère Couillard did not see ” no taboo to a hunting ban on Sundays, she seems to have been called to order by the Elysée. ” The objective in which I deeply believe is to move towards zero accidentseven dared the Secretary of State when announcing measures to better regulate hunting (01/09/2022). It’s enhanced security 7 days a week that we’re looking for. »

The goal I deeply believe in is to aim for 0 accidents.

Berangere CouillardSecretary of State for Ecology

To fulfill this objective, the government wants to generalize training in the practical handling of weapons for all hunters. ” One in two hunters must be trained by 2025 and all hunters must be trained by 2029 “, announces the Secretary of State. The government also mentions the creation of an application” in the fall to identify areas and times not hunted. But the contours of this digital platform remain unclear…

Finally, the executive decides to prohibit hunting… under the influence of alcohol or narcotics: grotesque! ” A fine will be created to punish the act of hunting under the excessive influence of alcohol and then the creation of an offense will be promoted by legislative means “, justified Berangère Couillard. Penalties in the event of a serious accident must be strengthened.

A government that “favors an armed minority”

The government arbitrates in favor of hunters over hikerssays Reha Hutin, president of the 30 Million Friends Foundation. We had no illusions with this government, which favors an armed minority in this country. »

It’s the start-up hypocrisydenounces for its part Marine Tondelier (EELV). What we see to that extent is that the hunting hall has an open table in the Elysée. » « Emmanuel Macron is more on the side of a handful of hunters than most French people “, said Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, president of the Protective Birds League (LPO).

Sunday hunting ban: rift between the French (including peasants) and the government

By refusing to establish a day without hunting during the week, the government increases the division with a large part of public opinion: 79% of the French call for a Sunday without hunting (Barometer Ifop/30 Million Friends Foundation – January 2023). A 3-point high result compared to 2022! ” And contrary to the claims of Hunters President Willy Schraen, this request is not coming from disconnected urbanites.emphasizes Reha Hutin. 76% of respondents in favor of hunting-free Sundays live… in rural areas! CQFD “. 77% of our fellow citizens are even in favor of extending the ban on hunting to the whole weekend, school holidays and public holidays.

The gap between French expectations and political (in)action therefore continues to widen.

Still on this subject, other European countries have already acted for a better division of territory between users of nature and defenders of the trigger. Italy limited the number of hunting days to three per week. In the UK, the Game Act prohibits hunting of many species on Sundays. In the Netherlands, it is also banned on Sundays, but also on New Year’s Day, Pentecost and Ascension. In Switzerland, the canton of Geneva has completely banned it.

On the weekend of 7-8 January 2023, a 19-year-old boy was seriously injured in the thigh following a hunting accident in Aube, a 67-year-old hunter was hit in the head and chest in Haute-Saone. In Corsica, a man even killed himself with buckshot while keeping his gun in his car… During the 2021/22 season, 90 “accidents” were recorded, against 80 in the previous season. 8 were fatal, including 2 with victims not hunted…

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